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[SolidMean] Amazon and eBay Parser 1.2.7

Add your Amazon Affiliate ID and/or eBay Campaign ID to your outgoing URL's

Feature Summary

  • Replaces existing Amazon affiliate ID's with your own
  • Roverizes links to eBay with your campaign ID.
  • Works with XenForo's link proxy system.
  • No branding, no copyright, and the price is right :)

Product Details

This is the same version available on XenForo:

If this addon is useful to you, please consider donating any amount.​

The Amazon/Ebay Parser Addon will change URL's directing users to Amazon or eBay to include an administrator's Amazon affiliate ID and eBay campaign ID, respectively. It will attempt to remove any existing affiliate tags, and will only change the URL of the anchor tag, it will not change the anchor tag's text that appears on the page.

Multiple Amazon and eBay affiliate country programs are supported. Make sure to enter the appropriate affiliate id(s) in the correct program(s) you've joined in the options.

This add-on doesn't add any queries, doesn't create a new bbcode, and doesn't change the database contents of posts, signatures, or conversations. It only changes links displayed/rendered on the page. It will also work with the XenForo Link Proxy feature.


There is no branding, and no call-back/call-home code. As such, there are no guarantees in the usefulness of this addon.

1) Upload the "library" folder to your xenforo root folder on your server.

2) Install the add-on with the included addon-SolidMean_AmazonParser.xml file via the XenForo admin interface.

3) Visit the options and look for the "Amazon/Ebay Parser" option, and click on it.

4) Enter your Amazon Affiliate ID's and eBay Campaign ID's in the appropriate text boxes provided. Leaving the boxes blank essentially disables the add-on.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Performance isn't terribly affected, I did some non technical timings of parsing an extreme number of links:

Stock Xenforo 1.4.1 install, debug on, link proxy on, no other addons, and 1000 Amazon links in a message.
With Add-on: Timing: 4.7224 seconds Memory: 9.915 MB DB Queries: 10
Without Add-on: Timing: 4.0406 seconds Memory: 9.748 MB DB Queries: 10

This add-on uses the SimpleXML PHP function, which requires the libxml PHP extension, but it is enabled by default, so there shouldn't be many installations missing this.

More information, including License information, is included in the readme file.

Thanks goes to @Azhria Lilu for the idea, @Daniel Hood for the information on how this should work, and @Jeremy for his his BbCode Formatting information thread.

Azhria Lilu's Reader's Society web site uses this addon. This is an example thread that shows it in action.


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