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[SolidMean] IP and User Agent in Contact Email 1.0.2

Get a visitor's user agent and IP address when they use your contact page.

Feature Summary

  • Displays user's IP address as a link to whatsmyipaddress.
  • Shows user's user agent (browser information) to help with debugging.
  • No branding, no copyright notice, and the price is right :)

Product Details

This item is also available on XenForo.com

If this addon is useful to you, please consider donating any amount.​

This is a requested addon from http://xenadmins.com

This addon adds the IP address of the sender to the email sent to the admin of the XenForo installation. It also adds the user agent below the IP address to help in detecting browser problems the user may be having.

The IP and user agent is only added for "Contact Us" requests. It works for guests and registered members, and supports IPv4 and IPv6.

This addon has 2 phrases, one additional email template, a listener, and an extended ControllerPublic/Misc class.

All new phrases and templates are prefixed with SolidMean_ipicm_.

That being said, I cannot make any guarantee of the usefulness of this addon.

XenForo 1.4.2 now includes the IP address of the sender, so this addon may not be as useful as it once was.



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