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[SolidMean] Message Markenator 1.0.1 (same version)

Masket post content to certain usergroups in certain forums

Feature Summary

  • Allow specific usergroups to view masked content of posts, in specific forums.
  • Please read first!

Product Details

This add-on is available for FREE for a limited time to BASH.zone members!



The Message Markenator is a companion add-on to the Chat Markenator, giving the ability to mask posts/messages with a replacement character, such as an asterisk. Options exist to choose the replacement character, which buzzwords/keywords shouldn't be masked, and which forums to apply this add-on to. XenForo usergroup permissions are used to determine which groups should be affected by this addon.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that this addon may negatively affect your indexing and/or SEO of your forum if you use it in areas available for crawlers to access. I suggest that this addon is only used on forums that an admin has previously indicated as private, or on forums that an admin doesn't have a preference on what is indexed by robots. On the other hand, thread titles that were previously not available to robots can now be indexed.

This addon does not replace forum titles, thread titles or usernames, only post content. Links in posts are replaced with [link], images are replaced with [image], and quotes are replaced with [quoted].

In order for this add-on to work properly, the XenForo option "Cache BB Code output" on the administration "Performance" page must be turned off. This is because the cache does not respect which usergroups are viewing its content.

Thanks goes to @Mark.B for the idea, for whom this addon is named.

By enabling this addon for certain usergroups (such as "Unregistered/Unconfirmed") you can change your forum permissions so that those groups can have access to the forum without giving them the ability to see posts in their entirety. This may encourage usergroups to register on your forum, or request access to forums that have this add-on enabled.

This add-on has no call backs, and has no branding.

The Politics forum on BASH.zone currently uses this addon. It is enabled for unregistered visitors.

  1. Upload the "library" folder to your xenforo root folder on your server.
  2. Install the add-on with the included addon-message_markenator.xml file via the XenForo admin interface.
  3. Visit the options and look for the "Message Markenator" option, and click on it.
  4. Follow the option descriptions, such as setting a replacement character, and setting any keywords you'd like to use. You may also choose which forums and subforums you'd like to apply the add-on to.
  5. Visit your usergroup permissions in XenForo's admin interface. You'll want to set the "Enable Message Markenator" permission to "Yes", for any usergroup that you want affected by this addon, e.g. Unregistered/Unconfirmed usergroups, etc. If you enable this add-on for a private forum/node, you should change its preferences so that the affected usergroup can now view this node.
  6. Make sure that the XenForo option "Cache BB Code output" on the administration "Performance" page is not selected.



What affected usergroups see:

What non-affected usergroups see:


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