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Ob1's Next Great Adventure On December 18th.

Discussion in 'Stuff' started by SneakyDave, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. SneakyDave

    SneakyDave Solid Mean
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    Dec 8, 2011
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  2. ob1

    ob1 The FORCE

    Dec 15, 2011
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    Thanks for the post DD! I hope I can do your polite request for a comment justice...

    I have only seen a few trailers for the movie, and that is fine with me. I would like to approach the film without preconceptions of what may or may not happen. Of course, the few I have seen look fantastic and wet the appetite for the movie.

    I have not heard much concerning secrets surrounding the film. I treat them like the trailers and try not to expose myself to them. I recall hearing something about Jar Jar being a Sith, and Luke Skywalker turning to the Dark Side. I think both of these are Fallacies of the Force.

    The anticipation for this movie is so immense it's highly palpable. It has been building for over a year driven by Star Wars fandom, the Disney Marketing Machine, and the woven fabric of the interwebs. I hope that the impact of the film will grow and far outweigh the anticipation that has been brewing.

    I look forward to a film that will be revisiting a realm that I have been a fan of since seeing Ep IV at the age of 7. I am not as 'die hard' as some fans, but I can tell you who shot first :D

    Enjoy the film Dave, Buff, and all who read this...may the Force awaken in all of your young Padawans!
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