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Tja / Stolen Sheep Design Addons

Discussion in 'XFStuff' started by SneakyDave, Sep 9, 2017.

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    Dec 8, 2011
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    The Jack Army / TJA / Stolen Sheep Design / [SSD] has a number of clever addons available on XenForo at one time, and an all around Good Dude.

    He hadn't been around for a while, so I recently contacted him about his addons, because a lot of people still ask about support for them, or would like to get a copy of them.

    Fortunately, we came to an agreement whereby I have gained exclusive ownership of 8 of them.

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    I'll be redistributing them on XenForo soon, but I wanted to create a public thread in case anybody had questions about these addons in particular, or who had distribution rights for them.



    Do you plan to upgrade these addons to XF 2.0?
    I don't know which of my own addons I'll upgrade to XF 2.0 yet, if any, so I haven't made a decision yet on these.

    Do you plan to charge for these addons?
    I may for the more popular ones, or the ones that I find need the most tweaking. No idea on what they would cost, probably not more than $5.00 USD

    Why did you acquire these addons?
    Originally, I was interested in the New Thread Button addon, and the User Group Badges addons because I use them here, and they seem to be popular requests on XenForo. I didn't feel right copying their features as my own addons, so I just decided to have a conversation with TJA about them, and ended up getting access to all of them.
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