Visits from Gegy’s email, who could it be? and have gotten frequent visits from Who could be sending Troy (the CEO of the world’s largest startup, ever!) information about my aboutme page and site? I’ve issued an email cease and desist, which I’m sure Troy will adhere to.

Troy would probably email me, but I don’t think he knows where the asterisk sign is on his keyboard.

Their first customer? The only other web site registered on

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Last Ditch Efforts for Andale.

Using all offshore from India isn’t doing it, firing half the staff didn’t do it. Andale now has decided to not use its support forums at Andale. Too many complaints about stores, counters (even the ones you pay for), and checkout procedures have painted the auction management company in a bad light.

Supposedly, Munjal is “giving” OTWA back to Crystal, or is he. Maybe he just wants an excuse to get rid of the support forums. Crystal doesn’t have the dough to keep the infopop opentopic forums running, so maybe Munjal is just wanted to get rid of the support forums. There wasn’t anybody speaking English on them anyway, except for Crystal, and she never had accurate answers anyway.

Currently, the andale forums ask people to complain about its software via email (which never works, just ask Crystal), or via its chat software, which half the time says its closed.

According to what I’ve gleaned from Andale, even the Indians don’t want to work weekends. They only have 2 people on staff for chat, 7 people staff chat during the weekday.

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