Spammer BidFrenzi uses Rainworx auction software

Software seems ok, although it runs on a Windows platform. I’ve seen at least 5 other sites use the software, none are around longer than a year. Currently, rwAuctionProx v3.7 is offered for $499.

Rainworx – – They also sell their software on eBay:

The spammer, bidfrenzi –, Dana and John Marx, proprietors.

One of the few rainworx powered sites I could find – (NOTE: Bid-On-Equipment has no ties to bidfrenzi, it only uses rainworx software. They freaked out about this story)

Update: Dana Marx (proprietor of spammer bidfrenzi), issues a freak-out warning!;f=14;t=000027;p=3#000044

No slander, just facts. The Truth is not slander, it is not libel. That’s why they call it The Truth!


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OTWA says No to pop-ups

OTWA gets ass-raped by infopop at $1000 a month to use OpenTopic. Jim says they’re going to move to Infopop’s Eve, only because (in my opinion) Jim can’t figure out how to export and import his data to anything else.

In this thread, Jim makes that scary claim that NO popups will ever show up on OTWA, and they will not “load” the site with banner ads. You know what that means….

Cost? Well, that depends on how you look at it… Until just a few short months ago the cost was more then several times our current cost, Right now, we are down to about $12,000 a year. I hope to cut that further with this move, but OpenTopic is not going to continue to be developed either, so to stay with it would just cause MORE problems down the road… So a few people offering to send in money, while appreciated, and needed, can’t determine our move at this point because of the long term, month to month costs. This is WHY we are waiting until the move is complete before we are willing to address people supporting us with cash. One thing I know for sure? We WILL NOT load the site with banner ads, we WILL NOT have advertising pop-ups!!!!

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Yet another board spammer, bidfrenzi

Beware this site, probably a fraud and scammer. Everybody needs to beware these spammers.;f=14;t=000027 – Don’t do any type of business with this site. Who knows what they’ll do with your information, private or otherwise.

Coming in the spring of 2004 a site designed for bidders and friendly to merchants.
For more details to become a merchant or provide additional funding or resources contact Dana at 219-879-1391

John and Dana Marx?

Edited to add the ross post:

Updated! : See below for more spam attempts, and more history!

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