Hacker attack, and not a very smart one

Someone on Comcast in Rockville MD is trying to compromise my site, but they didn’t even bother to see what operating system the server is running.

14 attempts, here they are:




Dirty tricks at Omaha Steaks

Not surprising. This over priced steak, seafood, and soup distributor may be resorting to dirty tricks against businessmen like Anshu Pathak. For instance, check out http://www.omahabeef.com.

Omaha Steaks is WAY overpriced for their food. Instead, get the same thing from places like Skylark Meats and Just Good Meat.

Here’s Anshu’s tale:

“Manager of Omaha Steaks wants $ 25,000 to testify “against Omaha Steaks” in Federal Court.”

USDA Prime Beef – Dry Aged Beef

                                        Public Notice of Law Suit

                                     Omaha Beef Vs. Omaha Steaks

                “USDA Prime Beef” Vs. “Fancy Names of Omaha Steaks.”

Open letter to Fred Simon, owner of Omaha Steaks and their attorney Craig Huber.

Good Morning Fred Simon and Craig Huber,

This Home Page is open for my customers to contact me as your attorney took the court order to close down my website in an illegal way. My customers should know why my website is closed down? I am not selling or shipping anything through my website as per the court order of Hon. Judge Ronald Lew.I respect Hon. Judge Ronald Lew and the Law. All my customers knows the difference between “Omaha Steaks” and “Omaha Beef”. More over, I have “smart and educated customers”, who knows the difference between USDA Prime Beef and quality of steaks sold by “Omaha Steaks”. If I do not keep my Home Page open, my customers will think, I took their money and ran away. I am not going to let “Omaha Steaks”  spoil my image by closing down my home page.

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eBay limits new users from posting

I guess they think they have enough support staff to help new members, or they’re tired of the old timers running off the new users, or both. Who know?


****Community Change: Posting limits for Discussion & Chat boards****
Date: 04/12/04 Time: 10:43:26 AM PDT

To preserve the health and vibrancy of eBay