Dirty tricks at Omaha Steaks

Not surprising. This over priced steak, seafood, and soup distributor may be resorting to dirty tricks against businessmen like Anshu Pathak. For instance, check out http://www.omahabeef.com.

Omaha Steaks is WAY overpriced for their food. Instead, get the same thing from places like Skylark Meats and Just Good Meat.

Here’s Anshu’s tale:

“Manager of Omaha Steaks wants $ 25,000 to testify “against Omaha Steaks” in Federal Court.”

USDA Prime Beef – Dry Aged Beef

                                        Public Notice of Law Suit

                                     Omaha Beef Vs. Omaha Steaks

                “USDA Prime Beef” Vs. “Fancy Names of Omaha Steaks.”

Open letter to Fred Simon, owner of Omaha Steaks and their attorney Craig Huber.

Good Morning Fred Simon and Craig Huber,

This Home Page is open for my customers to contact me as your attorney took the court order to close down my website in an illegal way. My customers should know why my website is closed down? I am not selling or shipping anything through my website as per the court order of Hon. Judge Ronald Lew.I respect Hon. Judge Ronald Lew and the Law. All my customers knows the difference between “Omaha Steaks” and “Omaha Beef”. More over, I have “smart and educated customers”, who knows the difference between USDA Prime Beef and quality of steaks sold by “Omaha Steaks”. If I do not keep my Home Page open, my customers will think, I took their money and ran away. I am not going to let “Omaha Steaks”  spoil my image by closing down my home page.

Craig, You have filed a proof of service to obtain Preliminary Injunction against me. Please provide me the tracking number of three certified mail sent at my home address in Las Vegas on May 16, 2003. You have defrauded the legal system and taken Hon. Judge Ronald Lew for a ride. You or owner of Omaha Steaks, Fred Simon has not answered my e-mail in this matter. If you are honest send me the tracking number or the people who will read this page will think that you and Fred Simon are crooks. Fred, I think your company is a billion dollar company. You do not have self respect? Are you telling your attorney to do fraud ? Are you telling your attorney to play illegal tricks? Ask your attorney to give you the tracking number or fire this law firm and hire some honest attorney. If both of your attorney takes a lie detection test under FBI, I will give you my www.omahabeef.com for free. Who knows, even Hon. Judge Ronald Lew might read this page. Try to win the case against me in a honest way.  If you think I am misrepresenting in this paragraph, please sue me for defamation and I will produce related documents on the internet. Thanks.  Anshu

Omaha Steaks does not offer “USDA Prime Beef” to consumers like me on their website , mail order catalog and their retail store since 1917. Omaha Steaks International Inc. do not sell Beef to consumers as per USDA grade like Lobel’s of New York and Stockyards of Chicago.

United States Govt. [USDA] has graded beef for consumer protection in following grades. “USDA Prime” , “USDA Choice” and “USDA Select”. Millions of consumers purchased meat from Omaha Steaks with an illusion of buying “USDA Prime Beef” due to fancy names used by Omaha Steaks like “Premium Beef”.  USDA has not graded any beef as “Premium Beef” or ” Private Reserve”. The quality of “Premium Beef” is the same as low grade like “USDA Select” and “USDA Choice”, which you get in your grocery stores. You can buy USDA Choice grade Filetmignon around $ 7 to 8 at your local Costco or Sam’s Club.

Lobel’s of New York talks about USDA Prime Beef  at http://www.the-golden-egg.com/dir_aaa/inf_gradvsbrand.html and Stockyard’s of Chicago talks about USDA Prime Beef at http://www.stockyards.com/primedifference.asp. because they are very honest people. Owner of Lobel’s read this page and wished me “Good Luck”. I think I am blessed. A 100 year old company wished me “Good Luck”.

Omaha Steaks do not even use the word ” USDA” on their website or in their catalog. Why? Because Omaha Steaks do not want you to compare the price of their steaks with your local grocery stores. On an average you are paying 100%  to 200% or more to Omaha Steaks for the same piece of meat which you can buy at your local grocery store. Internet is Information. Information is Knowledge and Knowledge is Power. Omaha Steaks does not want you to get educated on the “USDA grade of Beef”.

Omaha Steaks trains their employees to not to talk about USDA grade with consumers. Visit stores of Omaha Steaks in your city and you will not see one single box of steaks with USDA grade on it. Omaha Steaks has been selling  USDA Select and USDA Choice grade of Beef  [Honda] at the price of USDA Prime Beef [Rolls Royce] so they do not want to talk about the grade of Beef on their website or on their “Mail Order Catalog”.

Employees of Omaha Steaks were placing orders with “bogus credit card numbers” on my web site with “bogus names” and “bogus addresses”. I caught one of their employee “red handed” with her IP address and exposed “Bad business practice” of Omaha Steaks on my web site. Omaha Steaks, if you think I am misrepresenting in this paragraph, please sue me for defamation and I will produce related documents on the internet.

My web hosting company is a very small company. In year 2000, Mr. Simon, one of the owners of Omaha Steaks called Mr. Perry Martin of  www.successmakers.com and forced him to shut down my website. I was instantly out of business and Omaha Steaks took advantage of my absence on the web and gave me an instant bad name on the web.

Omaha Steaks is threatened due to my popularity and presence on the internet so they filed a lawsuit against me and others on the grounds of “Trade Mark Infringement” through a Law firm who has been charged for fraud by US Trustees in Los Angles, CA. Inside the court house their attorney is talking about “Trade Mark infringement” and outside the court room he is asking me if I want to sell my domain name? Omaha Steaks does not have any trademark to sell USDA Prime Beef on internet.

Hon. Judge Ronald Lew has ordered that I cannot do business on my URL till the lawsuit is over for “Trademark Infringement. However, he has not given a court order that my customers cannot contact me to get refunds of their money or that I cannot refund money of the thousands of customers who have paid me in advance for the whole year for different clubs.

My customers have Federal and State rights to contact me and that is only through this Home Page. I want all my customers to understand very clearly that I am not a big corporation, I am an individual and I am not going to walk away with your money and I am never going to file a bankruptcy. I don’t have any records as I had Yahoo shopping cart on Yahoo and Yahoo closed me down as per the court order. So if you are my customer, please contact me for a 100% full refund at [email protected].

I am looking for employees of Omaha Steaks to come forward and contact me and testify in the Federal Court how Omaha Steaks is training their employees to not to talk about “USDA Grade” on the phone and in their nation wide stores. The jury needs to know the truth. One employee wants $25,000 as witness fee. I can pay him, but I think, jury will doubt this situation and attorney of Omaha Steaks will try to convince the jury that the witness is lying for $25,000.What do you think?

Omaha Steaks has messed up many small businesses. If you or your small business is a victim of Omaha Steaks, please contact me.


Anshu Pathak

[email protected].


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  1. Dear Anshu,
    Where can I send you a small contribution to thank you for your brave disclosure of another American giant getting rich by assuming we little guys have soy mush for brains. Stay the good fight.

    Richard Mayberry
    [email protected] .com

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