Bidway / AuctionDiner / Bidbay Auctions to change name

George Tannous recently “sold”, and has seldom been seen around to take on opponents and competitors.

The new owner, or “CEO”, says that the auction site has to change its name again, but no explanation has been given yet…

CEO – Administrator – Posted on: July 22nd, 2004 08:18:10pm


Hello Guys,

Tomorrow morning I must change the name of the company again…this is not something I relish but it’s pretty important.

Please hang in trhere with us…we will survive just fine.

BY the way any suggestions will be considered until midnight pst.

Please check for domain availability prior to submission.




 July 22nd, 2004 09:29:16pm

Having fun? It’s not easy eh….Some good ideas,

We are thinking seriously about going with “” what do you think? It has a certain commercial ring, and encompasses both theme criteria.

Please continue the process…let’s have some fun…and…who knows…you might just get a chance to leave your mark.



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Patty Smith finally leaves Mootropolis (mootalk)

Promised everybody the world with “exciting new features” and “hi tech tools”, even the “growing community of sites”, decides to quit instead. The site had come under problems, slow loading, less visitors, and no activity.

She claims Fruit Loop Dave Kellog (CrazyChicken) will take over, although he claims that he is indeed NOT Dave Kellog.

Watch this space, because within a week, a “sale” of mootalk / mootropolis will happen.

And in related news, the trash and bash board owned by Patty Smith and Dave Kellog is now open to the public!


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