Gegy can’t profit, so it reduces commissions by 25%

It also decides to increase the shipping rate charges that sellers have no control over.

“The first product line, home entertainment products, has been popular but has also proven to be a very competitive market with thin margins. We have had to make several price adjustments, in an attempt to achieve a stable balance between competitive prices and a fair return for our Sellers and our Supplier. These changes included a recent 4% price reduction that resulted in very competitive retail prices within a catalog that sets the industry standard for depth and breadth of titles. This was accomplished without reductions in seller commissions but, unfortunately, has resulted in an unprofitable situation for Gegy.”

“The key change is a 1lowering of commissions from 10% to 7.5% in our Retail Storefronts effective August 1, 2004. This is being done to ensure that the revenue split and pricing model achieves a minimum return to Gegy sufficient to support our operations and growth.

The costs of providing the Retail Storefront service, including comprehensive customer service and returns management, was an important consideration in making the commission rate change.”

They even include a graph for those math challenged comparing how badly Gegy is doing compared between a 10% comission rate and the new (Gegy Profit) 7.5% comission rate.

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Vice President of Ethical Technologies calls eBay Seller “asshole”

Biggbill doesn’t like being called out on his spamming of many and various online auction boards. His comments below.;f=1;t=011332;p=12


your attitude towards AE, Ethical, Me and everything on this board including it’s members has EVERYTHING to do with Scott.

Scott last talked to you face to face in 2000 at crystal and jims apartment around the time of your Million Auction March and your meet with Meg.

Do you want to tell the story or should i? i want my book to be very accurate.

Scott put up this board, because he felt that Andale may close theirs. If he did not, they possibly would have.

Folks bitch about AE Possibly becoming a business…

Message boards do becoming business’s….You better look around. Did you think an “alliance” was you, and your mice?

Have you estimated your revenue share yet from your board?

If you are receiving or will recieve, any perks, deals, or revenues from advertising or spaming, perhaps a note in your sigline might be nice.

pot kettle black. asshole.

“On the other side of the screen is a living, breathing, FEELING human being.”
V P Business Development
Ethical Technologies

[email protected]

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Auction Ethics spams OTWA

AuctionEthics formed as a splinter group from Here, Biggbill (Bill Bogardus), Vice President of, thanks all the AuctionEthics users for their donations to his latest medical downfall. The problem is, he makes the apologetic post on, which would be considered a competitor of Auction Ethics.

Spam indeed. This is ethics, and this is your brain on AuctionEthics:

Biggbill even tries to act like he didn’t mean it (again) by posting an apology.

Crystal from OTWA will take a while to ponder this, and bake a cake later because she doesn’t know how to do anything else.

Biggbill gets called on it at The Ross Board:


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