The Auction Board Shuts Down

Finally, this site has closed! A GPL license violator that let a spammer ( advertise on the site. Don’t buy this Don’t support its “sister” sites, auctionblog or sistertalk. It supports spammers and willingly abuses GPL licenses. IS CLOSING. If I decide to keep the site around, the board will be available in read-format only. I will fulfill all advertising obligations, but will not accept any new advertisers.

I am no longer interested in working in the online industry, and honestly, I’ve been working on my MBA with an eye towards leaving my options open. I finish my degree in 3 months and I have other endeavors I’ve been working on that I would like to pursue.

For potential buyers

If you would like to buy the domain and all its content (the message board and the database) please contact me at [email protected]. You will have to find your own host as TAB’s contract with this host will not be renewed once the site is closed or sold — whichever comes first.

I will stay on for 15 days post-sale to answer as many questions as possible for the new owner. After that, I really want to cut all ties. I maintain all copyright of any articles I’ve written for; however, you have the right to reuse them in a business capacity, provided you do not rewrite or edit them.’s blog is NOT a part of the package. The blog has been closed and I will not post any new entries to the blog. You can link to any posts on the blog you like as often as you like and you have the right to use them in full without permission on the domain here at

Again, send any questions to: [email protected]

Here’s another great story about Gail and TheAuctionBoard.

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