Layoffs or Resignations at Ethical Technologies / Auction Ethics

Its already happened. The (at least) 33 people employed at Ethical Technologies / Auction Ethics have been trimmed down to 31. They have removed “Matt” and “Tom” from their About Us page. They both must have felllltttt it.


Matthew Reinhart
VP Technical Support & Snowflake
From as early as he can remember, Matt always had a computer sitting nearby; for the past ten years the computers have congregated in groups (and networks). In his spare time, Matt enjoys reading (including enthralling technical manuals here and there..), riding two-wheeled vehicles, and pretending that his life isn’t flying by at an crazy pace. He enjoys backpacking and spending time outdoors, away from the omnipresent glare of the fluorescent lights.

Matt specializes in building and maintaining Secure UNIX-like Web Systems, working with clients to bring new software to fruition, and converting stimulant molecules into snippets of code.

Tom here may have been replaced by a new COO, LaMonte M. Fowler.

Tom Filipski
Chief Operating Officer & Resident “Suit”
My experience includes executive management sales and marketing and financial positions with Fortune 500 retail and consumer products companies and advanced schooling at a very well known business school. I like to work. I like different. I’m here because every day the environment stretches your thinking and I fit. I also like the Dr. Pepper.

More information and diccussion can be found at The Ross Show.

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