Wagglepop.com analysis and setup

CORRECTION: Ray Romeo does NOT own wagglepopstores.com, somebody else does, although the name isn’t available:


UPDATE: Some configurations, and software used confirmed:




Nothing’s to be seen of Ray Romeo’s “next generation shopping experience”, but I’ve verfied the following.

Wagglepop (actually, wagglepopauctions.com) is hosted by ipowerweb.com, and uses vdeck as an administration interface. Both wagglepop.com and wagglepopauctions.com are on shared servers. Ray Romeo didn’t splurge to put either on a dedicated server. Ray’s also registered the names wagglepopstores.com and wagglepopshops.com, although no sites exist there.

UPDATE: Ray says wagglepop isn’t on ipowerweb, but on dedicated servers with “5 ISPs”. That would be an interesting setup. And no host selected yet? Isn’t he supposed to be up and running in 2 weeks?



I asked Ray about PowerWeb and he LOL about them two weeks ago. He claims to have dedicated servers with 5 ISPs and multi-TB of bandwidth and no host selected as of last week.



If you go to http://www.wagglepopauctions.com/vdeck, you’ll see it redirects to ipowerweb, so at least wagglepopauctions.com is indeed hosted by ipowerweb. Admittedly, wagglepop.com is simply a parked domain on dotster.com that redirects to wagglepopauctions.com.

Neither wagglepop.com nor wagglepopauctions.com have an SSL certificate installed, which means credit card payments are either unsecure, or they’re performed by a third party or a separate site.

I haven’t seen the auction/store application, but I’m willing to bet that its either open source off the shelf of phpauction, make bid auction, everysoft (shudder), mewsoft (remember gegy? shudder). I hasten to believe its one of the Cold Fusion based auction software bundles, because I believe Ray is trying to run his site on a Microsoft platform (maybe xcAuction or rainworx?). It seems he’d rather have easability than stability. But who knows, its Ray’s money, right?

As more information is available, this page will be updated.

ipowerweb reviews: http://www.webhostingjury.com/reviews/iPowerWeb

UPDATE: Confirmed – Auction software to be build as ASP script with SQL server database backend.




ASP 3.0 over a SQL Server 2000 platform, managed, with support so I can keep my fingers out of the ‘techy’ stuff and on the pulse of the site.



Matt thinks that if Ray upgrades to ASP .NET, he’ll be able to handle thousands of more visitors. Once again, Matt’s wrong. Upgrading to .NET will most certainly introduce MORE performance degradation without upgrading anything else, and upgrading anything to the .NET framework isn’t easy.


very good start, if everything works fine, and if you get thousands and more visitors a day you can easily upgrade to a .NET and SQL Server 2000 in the future.
SAPro is still using Access Smile I can’t believe it but it’s true.


Is Ray using eLance to outsource his work, a’ la Troy MacDonald of the the original defunct Gegy.com auction site? I’m still researching that. Wow, a bulk lister and everything! Moving bid boxes from the top to the bottom of the page! Its revolutionary!



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Wagglepop User Endorses eBay Auction Interference

They are all following Ray (the single proprietor of wagglepop.com) to the letter, especially BargainBloodHound

Doesn’t appear that he does, or that any of the others do either based on their ability to post the same crap on countless message boards and the very limited number of auctions that they are running:

If you look at this thread…


…you will see a lot of familiar names that have nothing to do but try to wreck other people’s businesses (FLvamp, SneakyDave, ToyRanch, RossShow, etc.). Now if you look at this groups current ebay auctions (they ALL use the same userIDs whether they’re posting on a board or listing on an auction site), you will notice that this group of PowerSellers are running very few (in some cases, zero) auctions–gives them more time to engage in their “fun”..

Since we are dealing with a group of trolling powersellers, my question is why do they think it is alright to spend weeks attempting to wreck/destroy someone else’s business?. I’m sure if the tables were reversed and a large group of people spent a month trying to wreck their auctions, destroy their personal and businesss reputations they would not regard the attempted destruction of their businesses as something to sit around and laugh about (or as FLvamp said when TR embarked on yet another destroy mission to FAS: “Watch the fun”). SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE TO THINK ABOUT…and after thinking, perhaps its time for everyone involved in “the fun” to treat other people’s businesses and personal lives with the same respect they would want to be treated with….

Tekobari calls them a nest of thieves and liars, and who wouldn’t agree with that?

There you go, and what else would you expect from that nest of thieves and liars?

More to the point, ross, there have been lots of disagreements, fights and other shit among you and others. Hell, you and I have had our little skirmishes. But NO ONE would ever seriously believe you capable of auction interference. How long has this libel been going on? Seriously, it’s the first time I’ve read something like that, and I like to keep up with OTWA and the other auction boards.

Who are the people primarily behind that shit?



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Ray of WagglePop promises to SPAM potential bidders

Not forum spam, not diarrhea of the mouth spam, but federal CAN-SPAM act, POUND YOU IN THE ASS spam! Avoid Wagglepop.com and its sister site freeauctionscripts at all costs!



Our first front will involve sellers notifying their existing buyers of their presence on Wagglepop, and funneling them there.

Good experiences will naturally foster extended word-of-mouth buyers to check us out.

I’m working now on:

targeted e-mail
press releases
banner advertising

I think though if we are all pro-active, initially, in not only recruiting, but have the recruited do the same…combined with a good shopping experience, we’ll have a strong initial foundation.

It’s going to be work, and time, but isn’t it better to be in on the ground floor of something that could be really big?

I have a couple of targeted opt-in e-mail campaigns lined up, where we could reach as many as 7 million ‘e-commerce’ interested people in 30 days time.

Industry click-thru on that is 1%, which translates into 75,000 visitors.

That would be a nice boost!

I’m also working on something that will give us that one big “splash”, once we are up and running, something that will get our ‘name’ out there!

Time and hard work. We’ve got plenty of people willing to put in both….I say, there’s no way we can fail!

I think it will be a testament to all of us once we are a success, and the rest of the e-commerce world can see what we can do when we have a plan, a committment, and work together.




He’s even conning his “followers” to do it for him. I’d feel sorry for “stardust” here, but they seem to know what they’re doing!


I am actually thinking about sending an email to all my past buyers (less than 100), announcing the opening of this site. Yes, it’s spam, but it’s the only way I know of that I can do my small part…other than adding wagglepop.com as an interest in the appropriate Overstock profile section… Very Happy

Normally, an auction owner even as low caliber as Ray would know not to condone spam, but he doesn’t care, WagglePop will be the largest dot com start up ever! His reply to the above mentioned spam plan…

Anything you can do is much appreciated!




UPDATE: “Everybody Hates Ray” and his ambiguously gay duo superhero “Matt” from FraggleRock chime in about sneakydave.com. Matt says its no big deal to him and Ray, but we’ve seen their behavior before. They think its just free pub for FraggleRock! We all know that’s seldom the case. These guys think they’re originals. The whole group of them think nobody has seen this type of scheme before! Judge for yourself, then nod your head when you’ve agreed with me!


Including myself, and anybody with at least an 8th grade education, TRB regulars don’t have much nice things to say about “wagglepop” either. And again, Ray doesn’t have a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of! Brilliant!!! Ray and Matt are mixing the King Size Kool Aid jug right now!



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Wagglepop – The latest auction vaporware

They’re not even open, and already Wagglepop (The “Smarter” Way To Sell, the slogan that’s been passed around more times than Meg Whitman at a KD Lang convention) has gained a “cult” following…

Ray (romeo361), single proprietor of Wagglepop and part time mook at freeauctionscripts.com, has been spamming forums all over the place about this “revolutionary” new auction site, that hasn’t even opened yet. I’ll bet its the same platform as PHP Auction, or whatever they’re using at DealAndSave.com (the mootropolis.com/mootalk.com still-born calf run by Dave Kellog and Patty Smith).

Search OTWA for romeo361 and mattfas, and you’ll see them all over the place, seducing sellers with his snake oil, a’ la Gegy.com, a’ la Ethical Technologies (AuctionEthics.com), a’ la Bidway, double talk, editing posts, no responses, the whole shebang! The OTWA owner Jim is certainly a fool, but he’s seen idiots like Ray and Matt before.

AVOID THIS SITE. Don’t even run to the police if you get hurt. Ray’s been hiring contractor sock puppets to pump up his new and currently unusable site, both at OTWA and at freeauctionscripts.com!

As in most cases, TRB has most of the information I’ve read about Wagglepop, here’s the link:




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Quite Possibly the Forum Spammer of the month!

eAuctionWorld. (DO NOT USE THIS SITE!)

We have had a flood of new users in the last week, discouraged from the announcement of ebay raising their fees! We offer free registration, no listing fees, free storefront, and our final sale fees are 50% lower than ebay! Please check us out, and feel free to ask any questions.



Although Scott Samuel (owner of Auction Ethics and Ethical Technologies) does his own share of forum spamming, eAuctionWorld really takes the cake at auctionethics.com!


Search over on otwa.com for more spamming attempts!

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