Ray Romeo quits the Wagglepop Auction Business

Blaming everybody but himself, Ray plans to dissolve the wagglepop auction site, almost a week after its “official” launch.

Ray blames all his half truths, outright lies, and unattainable promises on socially bankrupt miscreants, and puts the scare of God into them.

He then proclaims (i.e. Troy MacDonald, George Tannous, Paul Hale, and others in the past) that he’ll be walking away from the online experience, and “his computers”, reportedly one being a Little Professor Calculator.

Knowing this type of character, he will not sell, nor give away his 1 week of work and dedication to wagglepop.com. He isn’t that type of guy. He’s got to get ALL the glory, and disperse ALL of the blame. He will most certainly NOT stand in the shadows of the once and mighty, dare say “revolutionary”, wagglepop auction while steered by the hands of an inexperienced snake-oil salesman!



Since this is where and how the whole idea started, I think it’s only fitting that it end here as well.

Within hours, I will be closing Wagglepop for good, and forever.

The servers will be shut down, and all drives reformatted, destroying any and all personal data.

No one owes a single penny.

This whole idea started simply because of people, and my faith in them, and my desire to make a difference.

Now, it’s people that have left me no other choice but to shut it down.

What started out as an interesting challenge has instead become the most painful, personal few months of my life, and my confidence in what I believed about faith and humanity are shaken and shattered….. perhaps forever.

To those who supported me, I cannot express enough how proud I am of the journey we took together, and how much your support and kind words have meant through the longest of days and nights.

I will be forever grateful, and carry it with me always.

To those who most assuredly have not supported me, or Wagglepop…… Who have day after day, minute by minute done everything possible to destroy the site…… I have but a few words:

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

If I live a hundred more years before I encounter such morally bankrupt miscreants again, it will be a day too soon.

Ultimately, the only eyes that need judge us that count are two: our own, and those of God.

In both regards I am clear as to what I have accomplished, and had worked so very hard for, and in that, I find my only necessary redemption.

I’m looking forward now to walking away from this interesting online experience, away from my computers, away from the judging eyes of anonymity…..and feeling the grass on my feet and the sun on my face again.

I’m going back to the ‘real world’, where people look you in the eye when they speak to you, where “please” and “thank you” are heard, and where simple decent behavior and effort are appreciated, and rewarded.

Farewell, and Good Luck.

Rest in Peace, Wagglepop…… We hardly knew ya.





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Latest Bidway “Growth” Claims

From their front page, Bidway makes the following claims…

Revenue increased 40% from previous quarter*

Total number of new members increased 230% and currently stands at 4,561,005 members and growing*

Total number of new sellers increased 200%*

Total number of weekly auction listings increased 937% from November 30th 2004

Total number of weekly sold items increased 1166% from November 30th

Average daily unique visitors increased 125% since December 2004

* Numbers based on 3rd quarter in 2004

None of these numbers can be justified. For instance:

1) November and December results? How can you base your numbers on 3rd quarter results, but give 4th quarter statistics? Is it a fiscal calendar?

2) 230% increase in membership, 200% increase in “new” sellers, since when, last quarter, or 10 years ago?

George Tannous, or whoever the sucker is that bought bidway from him, must be looking to unload this turd.

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Earl Accuses SneakyDave.com of installing bots on his PC!

Earl (em3), one time suitor to Diana (dcj), claims that a recent spybot scan on his computer reavealed that sneakydave.com was trying to install itself as a trusted site on his machine.

I’m challenging him for the proof, and challenge him to send the information to the web host provider, 1and1.com. Earl’s a fool, and bald, but I don’t have any beef with him.



Here’s his original post on OTWA, saving it because he may talk Jim into remove it later…

Interesting popup from MS Spyware…

I finally got around to installing the new free MS/Giant anti-spyware utility a couple of days ago and this morning it popped up and told me that the website sneakydave.com was trying to add itself to my IE trusted sites zone. Even more interesting is that to the best of my recollection I have NEVER been to sneakydave.com and I’m positive I’ve not been there in the last few years.
Shame on you Dave.



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Feeling insecure? Your credit card information is with WagglePop.com

Ray Romeo (idiot savant of wagglepop.com) requires credit card authorization for new members. One of the biggest problems with his authorization system is that he asks for credit card info on a NON-SSL encrypted page!

This is a serious privacy hazard, and I would not register on wagglepop.com for this sole reason alone! Could Ray actually allow this, or is this some kind of scam he’s running? Most sites today even encrypt your password so that it can’t be lifted by sniffing the FORM data, but Ray doesn’t mind giving your credit card information to anybody sniffing for this type of traffic!

Ray claims the issue is fixed in a super secret message thread, but unsecure registration pages still exist!




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Wagglepop Back Door Revealed!

Days before Ray opens his one man “revolutionary” shop (3 years in the making), the browse.asp page is visible with almost 5 auctions running!


People on the pre-registration page are pissed that they didn’t hear about it first!


Ray’s leased space from the free invision board software people to host the “community forums”. Really professional, if you’re into free software!


Ray’s really used his 3 years developing this site well! 5 auctions, count ’em!

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