Phones disconnected and no new registrations allowed at

Wow! How long has this been in place:

Gegy is currently not accepting new registrations.”

Is it the beginning of the end for Troy MacDonald and his “world’s largest dot-com start up ever” failure?

The toll-free number (1-866-429-0707)and regular phone number(902-433- 2021) are no longer operational. Impending doom?

Remember how long the original Gegy site was still active (over a year and a half) after it was found out that Troy MacDonald went kaput?

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Gegy Unavailable for the last 2 days

Troy MacDonald’s site has been down the last couple of days. Not only is the main site down, but the accompanying stores sites are all down also, for instance,

Has Troy forgotten to renew a billing agreement to keep the site going? Has his “world’s largest dot com startup, ever” failed to even make the radar of grade C ecommerce sites? Has he harvested so many emails that his spamhause broke down?

Calls to went unanswered.

More on Gegy:

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More Employee Changes at AuctionEthics / Ethical2005 / EthicalTools

Where’s Monty Fowler?

Scott explains (inebriated?) why Monty is no longer at / / Sounds here (sort of) like Monty wanted to pursue other interests….


Monty let pursuse his own comapany. My only prolem with him was trying ro come aross as a a coplete demadng person. Wihkk Those you fine anywhhere in

the copmat, eveno offerin cash off wI’m wrong more than abroken clock is twice a day.

With some of the stuf that a befoe by a with kiler insuints sadd alost brebatm. Jos reiuuke bln,


Some people replying think he’s drunk, but Scott posts a “Misconception” reply:


Wasn’t drunk. Today, is 7 years for me.

I was exhausted/tired yes, but not intoxicated on anything. I don’t do that anymore.

When I went to spellcheck, I hit add reply

I type so fast that it comes out incoherent until I clean it.

Add reply and spell check are right by one another.

I know the post makes no sense, and after I read it, I said screw it.

Was just gonna explain why we got rid of the guy.




Now, it seems that he “got rid of the guy”. I’m trying to contact Monty Fowler to get his side of the story.

PREDICTION: We’ll soon see a big thread on AE started by Scott, where he’ll promise to detail his experiences with AA, but never follow up and publish them. 7 years is a long time, did he get on the wagon after his original “black room” exploits?

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