Mootalk / Mootropolis finally gets sold

Dave Fruit Loop Kellog and Patty Smith finally found a sucker to unload (aka upon. No word on who the unlucky buyer is, although why would you make an announcement without mentioning the buyers name? Sounds fishy to me.

Dave also admits to being the same “Dave” (Kellogg / Kellog) at, after denying it on numerous occasions, also, for reasons unexplained.

Dave also tells current members not to worry about their email addresses being sold. If they ARE worried, just change their email address to something they don’t use, no big whup to Dave.


If this was a real issue to worry about then anyone could just change their e-mail address to a free hotmail or yahoo account and not worry about it.

Also, I predicted “mootropolis” would be “sold” as soon as Patty left, it just took them a lot longer to find a buyer


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Kathleen Johnson of – SPAMMER

UPDATE: KatyJoan lies about getting her posts at removed:

Beware anything you read or hear from Kathleen Johnson of Benton Illinois, eBay millionaire wannabe. Bad feedback and all!

She’s been spamming OTWA, InkFrog, AuctionEthics, TheRossShow, and probably many more with her snake oil.;f=1;t=013583

She’s not very smart. Why would she post at AuctionEthics?

Don’t say you weren’t warned!

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Bidchaser Spams Again!

UPDATE: I talked to Nick from, and he said they won’t allow BidChaser to use their information in any spam attempts. Let’s hope he knows what he’s talking about.

Leo Cunha now refers to “double opt in mailing lists” as “targeted permission-based email. He was disappointed in the first batch of spam, he promises members that he’ll work to make his spam more digestible! Spam works! He’ll give email maestro a black eye! Beware of Bidchaser!

Mail Marketing

We wanted to thank all of our members who participated in the One Dollar promotion. We worked with the company EmailMaestro to coordinate mailings to a number of targeted permission-based mailing lists.

To be honest, as we review the data from the campaign, we are disappointed with the opens and click-throughs. We are now working directly with EmailMaestro’s staff to improve the content and subject lines of future campaigns. We are also in discussions with two other marketing firms.

Our next scheduled marketing effort will be the release of the DailyAuctionLotto program, in which we will showcase our members’ products and include components of the dollar auction as well as other promotions.

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Loudfrog guilty of SPAM!

This guy (Razhick Ouma) wants to let people know that is listening to its customers.

The only thing he’s listening to is the sound of his outgoing mail making that squishy SPAM sound. Remind you… “nobody has complained before”!

Hi Everyone,

I have paid a marketing agency to promote our site to targeted audiences. I have used their service before and no one has complained. I respect your privacy and I am sensitive to spam. With our email campaign I provided the option for people to remove themselves from the email list. I also provided my full contact information.

The agency assured me the emails they have are a targeted list of people who have given consent to receive messages. Sorry if you are offended, I will remove your email address off the list but I need to know what I am removing, or you can respond to the unsubscribe and it will be removed. We will investigate this further, and get rid of the marketing agency if this is the root of the problem.

I have recently subscribed online to National Geographic, they have a note saying that they sell a list of email, and if I do not wish to have my email added, that I must click the button to insure this doesn