PeSA Users gaming/juking the eBay system for bidders?

Seems that Ethical Tools has a Sell Through Tool that makes it look like your auction is “ending soon” on eBay. PeSA members are using it, although it seems most of the Ethical Tools are “brokeass”, to borrow a term used by Ethilal Tools employees.

This practice is legal according to Ethical Tools, but I wouldn’t bid on an auction with Ethical Tool’s “MTV 10 Spot” look-a-like logo on it. Caveat Emptor!

Toy Ranch has done all the investigation already:

The tool is advertised as “patent pending”, but I haven’t seen a patent applied for.

Here’s the only public description of Ethical Technologies’ Sell Through Tool:

We guarantee you will increase your sales with the Ethical Sell-Through Tool.

For most sellers, we know that our Sell-Through Tool will increase your average number of items sold. Current users have experienced sales increases of 10%, 20%, and in some cases, 40%-50%, sustainable over time. If your sell-through does not increase in one week using the service, you don’t pay.  It’s that simple. 

We are offering the Ethical Sell-Through Tool as a first in a series of special edition tools.  Due to the nature of this service, this offer is limited to the first 250 qualified eBay sellers. 

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New Spammer and Liar The !Club

UPDATE: Seems that the !Club may not have illegally spammed customers, and GW_FLASH may not (or may) still be affiliated with the sites below. In my opinion, I’d still stay away from the sites.


Related sites to stay away from:
any site with gw_flash or “theperfectgift” as registered users.

Its all over OTWA and The Ross Show.

Jimmy, Carol Ann, and gw_flash spam OTWA, sign up people to their site without prior approval, and contend that they don’t have anything to do with the site.

New Fucktard at OTWA – Truth
The !Club Auction – Free Listing Fees – Spam
Email from a site I never heard of – Personal Information warehousing – Another forum spam attempt, and lies

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New (Mootropolis) Owners Secret, but Share Personal Identification

The new owner of Mootropolis (MacMoo) will have a hard time learning how to moderate a forum.

Although the new owner’s supposed to be a secret, the BillyPilgrim user is OUTED as some guy named SneakyDave.

Already proving that their moderator capabilities are amateurish.

3.5. Privacy Policy. Mootropolis will only use your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is part of this User Agreement as outlined here. Please note that when you voluntarily disclose personal information in our Chat Boards, e-mail, or Private Message, that information may be collected and used by others. does not disclose your personal information to any third party service or company, and will only give out your information as requested by a recognized court order.

Sounds like a violations of the Mootropolis Privacy Policy.

If you value your privacy, do not trust the secret new Mootalk / Mootropolis owners(s).


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