(bidway, bidbay, etc) Introduces Listing Fees

And people are pissed.

On a side note, it looks like the password protected chat areas are only password protected at the category level. URL’s to specific threads are not. Nice to know!

The new fee structure is listed here:

These are KILLER listing fees!

$0.01 – $0.99
$1.00 – $9.99
$10 – $24.99
$25 – $49.99
$50 – $99.00
$200 – $499.99
$500 and up

YMSBBC – Yet More Spam By BidChaser!

You wouldn’t think it would be possible, you’d like Leo Cunha would learn his lesson. has been spamming unsuspecting poor souls again!

You’ll see once again how Leo apologizes for the confusion and his incompetence! Bidchaser supposedly uses that non-spamming mechanism, but obviously that isn’t working very well, or Leo didn’t pay for it, or Leo’s an idiot, maybe a little bit of all three. Don’t believe his bullshit!

Dear Members,

Please accept my apologies. We are testing some new designs and marketing concepts for the Bidchaser stores. These were scheduled to be introduced once we had received some iniitial feedback, and are aimed at helping our sellers market niche products to a specific audience.

The mailer was mistakenly sent to our GEARup mailing list instead of the internal staff’s for testing.

This mailer is a sample that has been under development with our marketing partners. As you see, it is in a very raw form without the “wrappers”, headers, footers, disclaimers, etc.

Again, please accept my sincere apologies.

I was hoping to announce this program under better circumstances, and will do so after we get feedback on its effectiveness from our marketing partners. I will be glad to post the “finished product” as it will be mailed to our marketing partners’ subscription-based lists.


Leo Cunha

More on the spammer, bidchaser:
Bidchaser spams again!
More Proof Bidchaser’s a spammer

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Ross Board Re-Opens, no more EZBoard

Steve DeMello, resident water head at EZBoard has shut down The Ross Board.

Ross has a new message board up, at

I doubt Steve plans to refund the over $100 Ross had in his community chest. He’s like that, “cheap” and “disgruntled”.

Visit Ross’ and wish him good tidings now that he isn’t under the thumb of EZBoard mook, Steve DeMello.

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