Troy MacDonald determined to keep Gegy going!, once a spam publisher, once an kid friendly auction site, once a glorified product distributor/wholesaler, now a fundraising site!

The wholesale concept for Gegy didn’t work out that well, so now they’re using the same model, but pitching it as a great way to raise money for your non-profit organization.

Scamming non-profits, what’s next for Troy MacDonald and the guys at Gegy? Troy’s determined to get your money one way or another!

By the way, their toll-free number (866-429-0707) isn’t in service, neither is their toll number.

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Fraud and Personal Information Selling at Mad Cows?

Dave Kellog (still in denial that that is his name) starts more trouble on his mad-cows site. Things get soooo bad that Patty Smith (who needed to take a break from “the boards” shows up in some kind of lame show of support.

“Cuff” (IamCuff) seems to think that mad-cows and mootalk are only out to harvest emails. Cue the light bulb!

He also has questions about $300 missing from a fund that Dave was privy too.

Dave’s nom de plume here is “Crazy Chicken”, aka “CC”, paypal is “PP”. “MC” is Mad Cows (a guess). Most people call Dave Kellog “Fruit Loop” for obvious reasons. Listen to him weasel out of this with insults and dredging the past.

Here’s Dave’s attempt at resolving things…

I am sorry, but I have done nothing wrong. The MC has donated extra into funds from it’s own coffers, and has spent time and effort trying help people. Instead acknowledging that and RESPONDING to thread I started on several occasions on how to improve the funds and ideas, it is now being torn down and I am being questioned about my honesty.

And again, he says “What’s the big deal about selling email addresses?” as he’s done before:

BTW, if you were SO worried that MC would sell your e-mail address then why not just use a “throw away” e-mail address from one of the thousands of sites that offer free e-mail? That way your account would remain FULL here, and not self-banned.

More at Ross’:

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