User wants Bidchaser to quit spamming him!

KNOCK IT OFF WITH THE EMAILS is the title of this message from a user to Leo Cunha, owner and consistent spammer apologist for Bidchaser.

Its not Leo’s fault though, it was just an accident that this user received 3000 emails!


We have shut off the relisting messaging on the new end-of-auction/relist processor. I apologize to the members who got flooded with the relist emails.

We had staff working on the process over the weekend, and although the new system is working very well compared to the old one, there was a misunderstanding on when to send/not send confirmation emails. That has been cleared, and has stopped. The new EOA (End Of Auction) Processor checks every 15 minutes, and updates and closed bids, relists, etc, including automatic relists.

We are now gettting ready to implement the new counter processor, as well as continue a clean-up of the imaging system, where some of our older auction and store items did not have their pictures processed completely.

I expect that the complete migration to the 2.0 code will be completed within the next 5 to 10 days.

Many thanks,

Leo Cunha

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Bidchaser Founder Himself Admits SPAM Designation

A poor user of (known and documented spammer) wants to know why his end of auction emails aren’t going out to his customers.

The CEO, Leo Cunha, admits that some ISP’s are marking outgoing bidcahser mail as spam. Wonder why that could be?

According to our logs, the emails are going out. We have found out that some services either block some of our outgoing mail, or send them to the “spam” folder, which many people clear without looking at.

I am getting an estimate on adding a link to the closed auctions section, so if an auction or item has sold, the buyer information can be retrieved easily. Will let you know as soon as that is available.

In the meantime, I will research these auctions and provide you with the contact info.


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More Andale Problems

At this point, anybody using Andale has been warned enough. Too many times have customers been screwed over by this company, without adequate support or refunds, the latest fiasco “should” be the final straw for ANY customer.

Andale in a nose dive

Former employee says:

I wish I had a nickel for every person I told NOT to use Andale years ago, about the Freedom debacle,m and how much it cost me, how I had the VP of Customer Service crying, how Munjal offered us $25 in Listing Fees after a week of downtime from hacker attacks (more commonly known as DOS attacks).

This can happen to any company, but for some reason, there is no redundancy plan with these folks because they are broke ass, both financially and technically. And don’t count on your refunds any time soon.

What a Cluster
Here is what I think about Andale….
Good ridens

Again, Crystal is crazy enough to go back to work for them, but all she does is push some papers around

Outstanding Issues

They can’t even figure out in the thread if what billing told them is correct or not.

Here’s the Auctionbytes article on the widespread outage. I seriously doubt it was caused by Oracle or eBay as they claim.

Here’s the status on the outage:
An Updated Message from Andale
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