Scott Samuel (Ethical Tools CEO) Lies to Investors

UPDATED 02/01/2012 Someone wanted a picture of the door that Scott axed. It’s attached at the bottom of the article.

Scott Samuel, still supported by PeSA members, lies and misinforms everybody about the financial problems at Ethical Tools.
Investors, stay away!

The Ross Show has the story that originally was created at AuctionBytes:

As you’ll see, Scott’s already been calling people up, retracting certain things, claims people are stealing things from him, denying he said other things. They’re all lies!

Don’t support Scott Samuel and Ethical Tools, don’t support PeSA members that support Scott Samuel, and don’t support RuneHQ that allowed Scott Samuel to prey on the pre-teen boys on their forums!




Clarification of a few details.

1) The database that we use is encrypted in such as fashion for security
reasons that we cannot pull up individualized data, especially since many of
you use multiple account on the tool.

2) The # quoted would better read liabilities instead of debts, most of
which are in the legal process, being cleaned up in a negotiation fashion.
In May of ’05, we had a significant venture capital deal collapse nearly 48
hours before it was to close which would have alleviated all liabilities
and, albeit slightly put us in in the black.

Because of this fashion, there isn’t any cash on hand at this moment. I’m
not going to BS you, I personally am over 100K in debt at this point….
well, my mother is since it was her credit that was used after my own cash
was used for two years. It was the money of myself and the co-founder that
was put up to start Ethical in late 2003.

3) Steve, ff the money was in my hand, even in my personal accounts, I’d pay
the bill in a heartbeat. I take these situations to heart to hear, on an
extremely personal level. You are. however, correct. That was then, this is
now, but without serious funding we’re stretched very thin. Sill, apologize
for not working n it sooner, mad respect that you we willing to speak your

3a) We don’t want to pass the bill onto the sellers, scrimp on technology,
etc. However, over time we should be able to catch up with what is owed to
eBay. If not, we’ll give you folks notice if it means myself calling folks
by hand personally. Some subscribers don’t have phone #’s since we never
intended to offer phone support, hence the disconnect on the phone line.
Mail is how we reach people, yet some accounts don’t have that data since
the API uses ID’s, not email address.

4) As stated above, again, my personal thanks. Actually, we are, and have
been working on this issue since this arose and hopefully will have a near
infallible solution to notify customers automatically very shortly should
anything else transpire and doing exactly what is stated above, yet due to
the nature of how data is stored for security sake alone, we have to work
from the papers that we do have, since virtually our entire contact list was
removed. We have roughly 90% intact again in hand form, and as I said

Lastly, I’m not a techie by any means. I’d be more prolific in ancient Greek
to be truthful. In our systems that handle all the backend, certain areas
were never completed by the lead tech who left the company prior to
completion of the system, hence, we’ve brought in others to correct these

We take your business as serious as you do. Simply put, we don’t eat if you
don’t eat. The users, just as in the PESA group, are our main focus, even
above our own personal wants and needs or any strategy. Our focus is on the
customer at all times, and it’s been a very hairy weekend with 20 hr days
being worked by yours truly as well as the staff in order to rectify each
and every one of these issues single-handedly, one at a time.

Thanks Much, and thank YOU for your support, and understanding. Nobody likes
outages or issues and I personally assure you we take all customer issues as
priority one, and always will.

You are the customer. Our job is to please you.

Nothing less is acceptable.

Best Regards,

Scott Samuel
CEO – Ethical Technologies, L.L.C.

From the Pain Come the Dream

From the Dream Come the Vision

From the Vision Come the People

From The People Come the Power

From This Power Comes the Change.

Fourteen Black Paintings – Peter Gabriel


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