Spammer Bidchaser to take on the Competition! (HA!)

Leo Cunha (spammer and owner of has replaced his Indian developers with different developers, and supposedly is making improvements to the bug ridden He thinks he’s going to take on Overstock now.

He’s closed some forums from public viewing, but he definitely has been recruiting a lot of Indian talent to promote this lame auction site.

Here’s a video he’s contemplating on using on TV, hopefully nowhere in America.

He’s also decided to let the Indian talent take care of the site now, he is no longer interested in answering questions about bugs.

In addition, he’s making all sellers re-validate their status to make sure he knows who you are.

Here’s some kind of Video Festival bidchaser is “sponsoring”. Visit it to see the grammatical errors.

Its sorry to see that some bidchaser victims are drinking the kool aid again!
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