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Current OAUA Blog

The OAUA of course, is a defunct auction users association that had its share of problems, egos, and nefarious sorts. The domain is not attached in any way to the old Auction Users membership, emails, or private data.
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Jim and Crystal Wells Miller spam OTWA members again

First, there was no explanation of why a person registered at (and opted out of emails) received spam email from Auction Business Review, a sister site of OTWA.

Then, Jim explains that the opt out feature of Auction Business Review sometimes doesn’t work correctly

Now, although people (myself that is) have the “receive emails from administrators” feature turned off on, Jim can’t wait but to send spam to all its members about a “chat” about postage rates.

Jim explains that I couldn’t have had my “receive emails from administrators” feature turned off, so I must be a liar.

These spam emails are coming from They’ve been added to my blacklist, as well as anything coming from or

Jim and Crystal Wells Miller spam OTWA members
Jim is closing down OTWA, wait, no he isn’t
The story at The Ross Show

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Ray Romeo and Wagglepop is back!

Ray Romeo is one of the 3 biggest losers of the auction community. Right behind Troy MacDonald and Scott Samuel, Ray tried to start an auction site, with no product, but plenty of promises.

In a nutshell, wagglepop was open for about 10 days before Ray claimed that a DoS attack had shut the site down, but the bidding started at 45,000 to buy it. He also claimed that somebody sent him a turd in the mail and supposedly his family was threatened.

All of his actions put him at the top of kooks in the online auction industry.

Now, Ray claims he has learned his lesson, and he’s ready to start a revolution with the new

The good news is that he hasn’t appeared on any forums lying about the new auction site, and he doesn’t use Microsoft ASP for the usually buggy site.

The bad news is that he had to send out a spam mail to announce to everybody that it had re-opened, and if you read the OTWA thread, it looks as though Ray’s Terms of Service support him sending spam.

Story on OTWA
Story at The Ross Show

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New Auction Spammer from Canada is currently running the spam game to get people to join its lame auction site. Avoid spammers at all costs! Could LavishAuctions be in cahoots with Canada’s other big auction spam operator, Troy MacDonald, of the failed Gegy? I doubt Troy would be that stupid, but he is Candadian.

More details at The Ross Show:
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