Mad-cows pisses off enough members to start their own board

I’m sure the reaons are too numerous to mention, but a splinter group of mad-cows members (which you would think would number in the hundreds) have started their own board

I guess Dave Kellog (Crazy Chicken / CC / Fruit Loop) was charging $60 a year on mad-cows just to chat!

I’m sure more of Fruit Loop Dave’s crazy antics will eventually surface, and maybe he’ll actually have to face his lies this time without Patty Smith (cowpaddy) or himself editing things to their liking.

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Dave Kellog / Patty Smith Don’t Pay Hosting Bills (AGAIN!)

Visiting or, owned by Dave “fruitloop” Kellog ( liar, charity fraud organizer, GPL license violator, and private message reader) and Patty Smith (liar, fool, license violator) results in this message, the same message web site displayed when it was in the red…

This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

A lot of fools paid money to Dave and Patty for special priveleges, and trusted Dave to charity fundraising. We know they don’t trust him anymore with charities, but what have they one with the special membership money that was supposed to keep mad-cows and goodtopics alive and kicking?
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Dave Kellog Reads Members’ Private Messages

Dave Kellog (consistent kook and liar) of and has a vbulletin script installed on designed specifically to read his member’s private messages, one of the the biggest moral abuses any forum administrator could make.

How do I know this? Well, I was perusing the web site, and noticed that somebody had actually written a plugin for vbulletin for administrators to do such a thing, although its highly frowned upon for security and moral reasons…
Super Admins can Read Private Messages

Here’s where the hack is installed on mad-cows, you can tell it exists, because you get an authorization screen for the administrator control panel.

If the script wasn’t there, you’d get a “Not Found” error like this:

I guess defrauding charities wasn’t enough for Dave, he’s now pursuing his members’ private messages without their knowledge. He’s a vile creature and this clearly shows that he is clearly out of control with personal privacy matters.

And not only does Dave fall into the slimeball category, Paypal has banned or suspended his account so that you can’t donate your hard earned money to his site. Visit this page, and click on “donations”:

You’ll get a message “This recipient is currently unable to receive money.”. More bad news for Dave Kellog ([email protected])

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