OTWA Found To Use Illegal Open Source Software

UPDATE 8/16/2006: Jim must have felt so bad about having an illegal license of his software that he paid the branding fee so that he no longer has to show the copyright notice! Good for Jim!

On 7/24/2006 I found out that Jim Wells and Crystal Wells Miller of Wells Miller Group LLC installed free software on otwa.com, vbadvanced.com’s VBA CMPS, which requires using a copyright notice in a footer of the software as part of its license.

I took a look at the source code of the page, and noticed that it was no accident that they left out the copyright notice that is required for the software, Jim had commented it out, but was still viewable in the source code of the page.

I sent a message to Jim asking him how it was possible that he got away without using the license, but I received no response, I then asked the folks at VBA CMPS.

On 7/26/2006, Jim Wells must have relented and finally added the “Portal page powered by vBadvanced CMPS” text as required by the vbadvanced CMPS software. Good for Jim
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Erika from tippypaws.com freaks out!

I can’t believe a supposed pet lover could be so cruel! I almost cried real tears!

Erika tries to set me straight by talking about Cuff in this post.


It only took Patty Smith 9 tries to open this thread for the public to see

We don’t know each other (hmm, maybe that’s a GOOD thing?) but I did happen to read some of your articles. While I can partially agree with certain posts you made I certainly hope that you don’t call yourself a journalist. That would be a scary thought, considering that journalists or publishers should always do resource before they make statements. Don’t you think so?

Since you obviously did not have enough resources to do proper research let me point out a few major errors (we don’t want to go that far and call them lies) in your posts. I certainly trust you to publish the corrected versions in the spirit of unbiased publications, unless you are someone that can’t be taken serious, for now and in the future. I am sure you would not want to give the impression that you are making statements that are completely untrue, am I correct?

Here we go:

You post on your site:

Mad-cows pisses off enough members to start their own board

Friday, 23 June 2006
I’m sure the reasons are too numerous to mention, but a splinter group of mad-cows members (which you would think would number in the hundreds) have started their own board mad-bulls.com

I guess Dave Kellog (Crazy Chicken / CC / Fruit Loop) was charging $60 a year on mad-cows just to chat!

I saw you posting at mad-bulls, and truly enjoyed your chat with former MC, BV and Moo-member CuFF, now suspended from most sites If you state that “Mad-cows pisses off enough members to start their own board”, this is the first error you made (and as a headline … tzzzz, what a blunder!) The members at MB have started their first – as we call it – “Snake Pit” about a year ago. One can’t really call that bikersbasementforum, the first site founded for banned and suspended MC-Members a successful venue, considering that most of the posts are “underground” and the 50-something membership dwindled down to maybe 5 regular posters. Now the second board does not look much more promising, but we certainly wish them luck. Maybe with your posts they will gain a little popularity, though I have watched that it is hard for them to keep unbiased members

Your statement that a membership at MC is $60.00/year is untrue also. Using the MC is free, all that is required is to sign up with a valid e-mail address. Some members decided that they wanted their “members-only” board within the MC and supported this part of the site with a monthly fee. Ahhhhh, does that sound different now? I definitely think that your informant (and banned member CuFF, aka CCsPathetic, aka IcontrolYouPussy, aka CCisaPunk , aka IamCuff, aka ….. insert several other names here) did miss to give you the correct information. (Here we go again, research Dave, research!).

Oh and there is one more MAJOR thing your informant missed telling you! Ms. “Moody”, also banned from MC due to her inability to control herself, showing some gratitude and gracefulness, and now one of the most outspoken posters at the Snake-Pit and MB, did receive a wonderful gift. A brand-new computer, monitor, the whole works, compliment of the MC and their members. “Crazy Chicken / CC / Fruit Loop'” presented this idea in an attempt to help her out as she was in a very unfortunate situation. Without his action she would still not be able to post her graceful thoughts, now at another board, but that really does not matter.




I see that tippypaws.com and petstuffreviews.com (both Erika’s sites) use WordPress software. Because Ericka sucks Dave Kellog and Patty Smith’s hind tittie, they don’t have a copyright or “powered by” message in the footer of their software. I’m checking the wordpress GPL to see if there is a requirement for this, and if so, it’ll make Ericka (supposed pet lover) a GPL license VIOLATOR!
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