Wagglepop Customer Service Starting to get testy!

Complaining isn’t allowed at Wagglepop, yet somebody tried here, reported by ToyRanch at The Ross Show:

Ray Romeo owns Wagglepop and crashed and burned the first time he tried to rule the world with his site, he did a little better the second time around, but it seems he’s not persevering.Karen Morrow is the Customer Disservice agent at Wagglepop

Ray is still the disingenuous type because he promised that all hard drives and information were ‘wiped clean’ when he closed down the first wagglepop “forever”. But then he was able to find a number of emails to use to send out spam to members of the old wagglepop when he decided to try to relaunch the site.

Here, Wagglepop customer service glamorizes the fact that paging and load times are “extremely high”! Wow, just what you’d want in an auction site. There are also discussions about how wagglepop.com “isn’t compatible with some home users’ wireless routers”! Wow! How could that be? Are they pushing stuff from the site to users’s PC’s?


I’m not sure what more we can do to convince you of the solidity of the infrastructure that allows access to and operation of the site.

The logs are relatively clean of timeouts and errors, and well within design standards.

The traffic numbers are extremely high.

The paging and load times are extremely high.

Those are the three things that typically access site performance, and they’re all performing extremely well.

It’s “cutting edge” stuff to be sure, so likely it’s a legacy router setting or standard that can’t translate the packets quickly enough for proper interactivity, which is why for some, everything is fine when the router is removed for testing, or the firmware is updated for compatibility.

For some, it’s just basic PC-stuff, like a setting or connection.

For many thousands of users, everything is fine, as shown by the three parameters for performance outlined above.

Karen – WP Customer Care

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