Dave Kellog and Patty Smith close down Mad-cows.com FOREVER! But wait!

After a couple of 14 day countdowns to garner page views, Dave Kellog has finally decided to throw in the towel and shut down Mad-cows on 10/1/2006. He promises there will be no “sale” like the imaginary one with mootalk.com, but leaves open the possibility that the site could stay open if the right people ran it. Dave even goes into calling his current members nasty names born from some kind of pent up frustration I guess.

He also promises all personal data will be removed after the site’s closure. That’s still to be seen.

He begs people to sign up at goodtopics.com instead, run by the elusive and secretive Patty Smith, a site that’s been dead for over 2 months.

But maybe he really could sell the site under the right circumstances, but he won’t provide any monthly cost statistics because he’s ashamed that he really hasn’t spent very much money on site hosting as he’s promised! He talks about “Apache upgrading itself” on a whim and that some Apache web server versions aren’t compatible with vBulletin! LIES!!
He can’t upgrade the mad-cows forums because some software in it (like the arcade) is incompatible with the newer version! LIE!! (Tntu.net is on vbulletin 3.6.0 and runs the same arcade software!) He claims to spend $300 monthly on the site yet still gets charged overages on bandwidth space! LIE!! He doesn’t want people to know about the “real” expenses!

No updates from Dave about where all the charity money went, or if all the investors in his mad-cows investment scheme were reimbursed, or even what that investment scheme entailed, it’s all still secret. There are still threads on Mad Cows from March with him begging for donations to keep the site running.

More juicy FACTS and INFO about this predictable announcement is on mad-bulls.com here (membership required):


And at The Ross Show here:

How long before we see another scam run by Dave Kellog? I predict by Christmas.

From this thread on Mad Cows: Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen

CC = Crazy Chicken (Dave Kellog)
GT = Goodtopics.com (Patty and Dave’s “other” dead site)
MC = Mad-Cows site

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