No Bidders at Wagglepop, “Not a problem” Says Karen Morrow

Wagglepop sellers are getting restless that nothing is selling at the site. The board moderator Karen Morrow claims that everything’s just peachy at Wagglepop. Sales are “skyrocketing” according to her and her boss, Ray Romeo.

Its obvious that Wagglepop is in a common state of lame auction sites, that the only sales on the site are between sellers, and some store owners on Wagglepop are waiting for some of THEIR crap to sell before they’ll be some other seller’s crap. Eventually, Wagglepop store owners will tire of the practice, and things will REALLY get heated up.

Some people are just now starting to get a clue about Wagglepop and Ray Romeo. Its too bad most of the kool aid drinkers can’t see the light. Its a “cult phenomena” and one former seller refers to Ray and his brainwashing as Hitler-esque!

Here is the Tulip Tools thread. These people must be of at least average intelligence to see through the smoke Ray is blowing up sellers’ asses.,3775.1455.html

Comments about the Tulip Tools thread at The Ross Show:

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