Vendio Publishes Misleading Research

Sounds like Vendio is starting to really integrate Andale into its operations, at least Andale’s strongest points, misleading and inaccurate information! Vendio used to be right up there with Market Works and InkFrog in terms of quality eBay vendors, but since they’ve acquired Andale, I can’t recommend them anymore.

In its "study"—and we’re quoting that term because that’s what Vendio called it!—Vendio picked out a dozen or so popular consumer electronics products (list below) and then used its Dealio shopping comparison toolbar to ferret out the lowest prices available from online merchants. The Dealio toolbar claims to be able to rummage through reported inventories from more than 100,000 online merchants an eBay sellers for availability and pricing information. Vendio then called up five offline retailers—including some large consumer electronics chains—and averaged their prices for the same goods to come up with an "offline" price.

Vendio’s conclusion? For popular consumer electronics items, consumers pay average of 44.2 percent more at local retail outlines than they do online. Vendio’s caveats? The prices looked up via Dealio including sales tax and shipping and handling, while brick-and-mortar prices only include an 8.25 percent California sales tax.

Chouteau conceded that the survey compared "apples and oranges" somewhat because it compared the "average" offline prices with the "lowest" online prices. And he noted that bricks-and-mortar stores often can feature very low prices in promotions and in Sunday circulars, for instance.

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