Tulip Tools – BelisimaJ / Passion / Chart Freak Out!

A supposed owner and at least promoter or investor of tuliptools.com freaks out on her detractors. Promises to sue anybody and everybody in January. Also promises to leave various boards, and then comes back in fits of rage.

A victimized client of tuliptools.com registered the name tuliptoolz.com and REGIC (admin of Tulip Tools) and/or BelisimaJ retaliated by registering domain names of tulip tools members, for no apparent reason.

Anyway, Regic and/or BelisimaJ / Passion promise a lawsuit after the holidays. We haven’t learned who, or seen many slanderous comments, but that doesn’t matter to BelisimaJ / Passion. She will MAKE THEM PAY! Ha ha!

She taught me a lesson by putting a link to my blog in HER sig line! That’ll show me!

She has been promising for months to right a review on her forumpress.net site about therossshow.com, but hasn’t got around to it, and also promises to moderate AND EDIT every comment on her blog, of which there are 2 as of today.

BelisimaJ reminds people a lot of the folks at mootalk.com (Patty Smith / Dave Kellog) that thought they were going to revolutionize the internet with their ideas. They didn’t, and Tulip Tools won’t either. At least not with BelisimaJ / Passion in the picture.

UPDATE: 1/2/2007 – A possible rep for tuliptolls.com tries to scare people at Thecarwashlive by posting a list of domain names of OTHER sites on the same server was tuliptoolz.com. Not very scary to me, but maybe it scares other people.


And then try to act all legal by this post (morons!):


In related news, Passion / Nicole / Chart / BelisimaJ has decided not to publish a review on her blog of "The Ross Show" forums until February. Instead, she glamorizes the suspicious and lame TulipTools.com services and site.


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