TulipTools.com shares member browsing habits

Tulip Tools (tuliptools.com), seemingly a news leeching site with an abnormally large number of forum categories ("and almost as many smilies") allows members to view other members' browsing habits.

BellisimaJ / Passion claims to not be a spokesperson or owner of Tulip Tools or its companies (reseller TulipDomains.com for one), yet brags about banning members of TulipTools.com, members that she doesn't like, from browsing the forums.

1) She's lying
2) She really does have some kind of moderator/ownership role in Tulip Tools
3) BargainBloodHound and Regic (owners of Tulip Tools) share peronsally identifiable data with BellisimaJ / Passion.



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Passion / Bellisimaj Banned at CAPP and TheRossShow

Nicole Jaworski, self proclaimed representative of Tulip Tools (TulipTools.com) and its affiliates, gets banned by 2 boards in one day for over the top kookiness, posting personal information on board members, causing a ruckus, registering more than one userid, and pissing off board owners.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


The following members have been banned from this forum for creating more than one account:

Emerald Eyes

These names were all created by the same person, which is against the rules here (without permission and just cause) and therefore resulted in those accounts being banned.



Passion is banned.

At first it was just gonna be 3o day, but the amount of of posts I had to edit has earned her a 90 day vacation. If I missed any PI posts, please let me know.

More here:


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Andale changing to Vendio web site.

Andale posts an announcement that their web site will be changing to Vendio, promises that "there will be almost no workflow impact"

The Andale hidden support page is no longer available for posts…

No official word or notice if Andale will be using Vendio’s community board support system, but it is assumed they will.

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