New OAUA site

UPDATE: The site has been taken offline until I can devote more time and resources to it. Sorry for any inconvenience if you were wetting your pants over its re-opening.

I’m beginning to hate Mambo software and this site’s slowness, so I decided to resurrect using Drupal as a discussion, news, and information site. As with all of my side projects, it’s currently experimental, but it it certainly faster than this one. The forums at will be locked up and hopefully people can find a new home on

The built in forum system takes a bit to get used to, but if the site gets enough use, and I have enough time, I might add vbulletin to it.

Certain rules are in effect on OAUA, please read them here

I would hope that people find the site on their own, and that nobody has to find it by a spammed post on message board.
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The End Of Wagglepop 2?

Karen Morrow, Ray Romeo’s customer service lackey, is gone, and the number of stores are dropping. The “Sales Reports” with projected growths over the next few years are gone, which is good because Ray would have to generate more than 15 times the number of stores he now has (217) to meet his first goal on 1/1/2008.

His last newsletter was updated in February, and has now been removed, as well as the infrquently updated “Wagglepop Today“. He has even removed the “farewells and goodbyes” forum, which was used by sellers leaving Wagglepop for greener pastures.

His stories of having $75,000 to spend on advertising must not have been true, as well as his promises of “dramatic increases in traffic, registrations, sales, and listings” on behalf of that advertising budget.

The poor suckers that have believed Ray’s story so long may finally be seeing the real picture at Wagglepop. Shame on them for thinking that Ray could shoot rainbows out of his ass, rather than understanding logic.

The next phase will be Ray’s attempt at selling the “property”. Ray valued the first Wagglepop site made with buggy Mewsoft software at $20,000 or $40,000 depending on the source of the information. How much will Wagglepop 2 be worth? And hopefully we don’t have to wait a year or two before Ray starts Wagglepop 3.

Following are the “new rules” for the Wagglepop forums, and the announcement that screwball Karen isn’t a customer service rep anymore.

UPDATE: 7/25/2007: More about Wagglepop HERE

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Tulip Tools Starts ANOTHER hate site representative Nicole Jaworski (Passion / BellisimaJ / DKY) starts another hate site/blog against people she claims are "stalking" her. It's a good read if you're bored. All of her enemies' supposed "litany of evil deeds" are duplicated by Nicole herself in an effort to get even.

Somehow, Tulip Tools must  think this NEW site will add support to their cries of unfairness.

The ORIGINAL Tulip Tools hate site has been in disarray. Maybe they lost the administrator password to update it, so they created another one.

Facts about Nicole are located here:,2100.0.html

Read some of her rants over on The Car Wash (as "Passion"), and you'll figure out who the stalker is:

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