SneakyDave Forum Rules

All topics are the opinion of the contributor, and I cannot guaranteer any accuracy of the information posted on the forums.

I will not share your email or any other registration information with any third party.

No libelous or slanderous topics are permitted. I make the determination on what I think is libelous or slanderous, and if you make a questionable post, I may contact you to provide more inforamation about it.

There is one administrator, me, and no moderators, there are no "secret" forums. There is one forum for all discussion.

Any editing, deleting, moving, or merging will be done to keep discussions on topic, or to make sure they follow these rules. I will annotate anything edit I do as to the reason it was done.

I reserve the right to forbid any topic that I find offensive (not much), hate filled, or detrimental to the SneakyDave forum community. The needs of the many outweigh the wants of a few. A

All registered members have the same permissions, "Verfified Users" (those that show up in green) have certain perqs that "Unverified Users" don’t have, but forum permissions are equal.

All visitors have access to search, calendar, member list, who’s online list, theme changing color bar, and view the discussion forum. Registered members have this access, as well as the shoutbox, arcade, and a number of other features.

Users that I have known for a while, and can be verified via email and that belong to other communities are considered "Verified Users" and show up in green text.

Users that I don’t know, or can’t verify of their identity, or are suspect for any reason are considered "Unverified Users" and show up in orange text.  

If you have been banned, please visit the Contact Me page and I will probably reinstate you, provided you follow these rules.

I may update these rules at any time.

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