Old OTWA Spammer WHABam! Bankrupt

BEWARE, this Eren Niazi character is now running StuffPad.com via a domain proxy service.

Open Source Systems Inc., formerly known as Open Source Storage Inc. (OSS), filed for bankruptcy on July 3, 2007. The company owned and operated the WhaBam online auction site that launched in late 2005. WhaBam had changed its name to StuffPals in 2006, and certain pages of the website now redirect to "StuffPad.com."

Too bad that AuctionBytes was stupid enough to get in bed with Eren Niazi…

Note from the Editor: The publisher of AuctionBytes.com is a creditor of OSS.

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Dumb Spammer of the month – BeanBagBeads

This spammer gets an old PayPal email list from somewhere (probably bought on eBay, who knows), and first, adds the victim's email address to their mailing list, even mailing them a "welcome" message.

Then for whatever reason, they try to get you to think you bought something from them from PayPal with a payment email from Paypal.

Sneaky, but not very smart.

Maybe a rogue spammer found beanbagbeads.com ezmlm mailing list software didn't require any verification, so they forged the "paypal payment" email through the ezmlm package, but I doubt it. It looks like beanbagbeads has its name all over it.

Click the jump to see the email…
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