Wagglepop talks of “expanding” and “seizing opportunities”.

Usually these notices come out just before the monthly billing cycle, to keep sellers at bay, paying Ray Romeo their $9.95 a month for a Wagglepop store, but this notice came a little bit late (10/28/2007).

These notices are posted by Andrew Pittino (Director of Business Development & Customer Care), which is rumored to by Ray Romeo himself. Andrew suddenly showed up after Karen Morrow left due to the meanness of Wagglepop users. Karen also is rumored to be a Ray Romeo sock puppet.

Hello Wagglepop Members,

Many of you have noticed over the past week or two the rollout and subsequent rollback for extended development of both appearance related changes and dynamic content integration. We feel confident the bulk of the implementation related “bugs” are worked out, and we anticipate full integration shortly of both.

Along with that we will be announcing very shortly some policy and feature changes that we feel better reflects the marketplace as structured both today and squarely focuses on the future direction of Wagglepop.

A bit further ahead in timeline we have secured and are developing some vertical properties that we feel will develop the overall pool of both buyers and sellers in the same ways in which the Web itself is developing. It’s a fast-evolving and ever changing landscape, and we see distinct opportunities for growth.

While not a complete philosophical change, we are thinking outside the box more than ever. Conventional promotional methods used to date have had mixed and strange results, leading us as a company to rethink the needs of online users and the ways in which those needs are fulfilled.

We have a solid and real-world tested foundation. Now is the time to start expanding, and seizing opportunities in every way we can.

Continued thanks to everyone for your continued support of Wagglepop. The visionary nature and enthusiasm of our membership is truly inspiring, and we look forward to working towards making that vision a reality each and every day.

Andrew P.

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