TulipTools.com thinks I’m a stalker

Nicole Jaworski (TulipTools.com representative) posts a hate blog entry about me, calling me a stalker, yet provides no evidence. Just a rehash of everything else she's been bitching about. TulipTools.com is also a part of TulipDomains.com, TulipHosting.com, TulipShe.com, and is owned by Todd Switzer (BargainBloodHound). Note how Nicole thinks her only choice is to post my IP and address, things I've never done to her, but now I'm free to! I guess this is how she must protect herself from one of "her stalkers".

And again, there's an obsession with the greatest Seafood provider in Nebraska, The Absolutely Fresh Seafood company! Dont' they like seafood?

At least this isn't a death threat for somebody like Nicole's previous blog entry.

David J. Dotson, also known as "Sneaky Dave", has made it a practice to stalk women from his forum/"news" site. The news consists of plagarized posts from other sites, albeit with his uneducated opinions added to said "news". The women he stalks, (some of them for the past 7 years) are women whom he has come in to contact with online in forums, on eBay, etc.. He seems to be the type of man who was probably unpopular with the "pretty girls" in high school, and never managed to get beyond that. Stalking, in my opinion, is his revenge. He only goes after self-confident women, who refuse to play his silly games, and in my case, he has been stalking me since early this year. Sad, because this man is married, with two young children.

David J. Dotson is also the owner (registrant) of the Absolutelyfresh.net domain name He was hired to design the site by the owner, and being a dirtbag of a web designer, he listed himself as the registrant of the .net domain rather than listing his client, Absolutely Fresh Seafood, who is the actual owner. It is worth noting that Dotson's own forum was registered using a privacy guard, presumably because he does not wish to be known as the owner of a stalking forum. Additionally, while I can't imagine a less likely leader, Dotson is also the group leader of the "Welcome to Omaha" Ebay Users Group.

I don't know if Dotson is posting to the site of Lee Anthony Baltzer, but he is certainly linking to Baltzer's site from his own stalking site. Baltzer's site is dedicated to stalking his victims, and their families, including babies and young children. Baltzer has posted images of the children/grandchildren of his victims to Asian porn sites. In additon, on November 20, David J.Dotson, and L** A******* B****** mounted a DDOS attack on this blog, presumably in an effort to shut it down. Because of this attack, and because Lee Anthony Baltzer used software to download a mirror image of this site, I am publishing their ip addresses. I highly reccommend that any site owners that may be reading this post, ban both ips permanently. Baltzer's ip will be listed in a previous post, as well as in his profile

David J. Dotson~6920 (my address here)~ (my phone number here)

Dotson's ISP=(my ISP here)

Dotson's IP= (my IP here)
Picture of David J. Dotson, aka Sneaky Dave

For another image of Dotson, as well as his profile, click here.

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TulipTools targeted in “halfassed” DDoS attack!

UPDATE: It is a "client" of reseller TulipHosting (not parent company LiquidWeb hosting, a sister site of TulipTools.com) that is the target of this "halfassed" attack.

Todd Switzer (BargainBloodHound) of TulipTools.com claims that a client's site of his hosted by LiquidWeb (via Tuliphosting.com) was the subject of a Distributed Denial of Service Attack! Very Scary! Watch those ports from attacks from "Omaha" (Nebraska? Texas?) and Dallas TX. These guys MUST mean business. "They" say there is a large botnet nestled between Omaha and Dallas to launch these attacks.

I've asked my ISP to forward all DDoS complaints to me so that I may publish them.

Read more here:



Here, Todd complains about "NARU'd eBay sellers" that had posted at my board, and threatens to tell Journal Broadcast Group about it, and includes a link to my eBay profile for good measure. For what reason he does this, I don't know. He has also made mention of the greatest seafood company in Omaha, namedropping its web site, http://absolutelyfresh.com, in negative comments toward me, again for a reason I'm certainly not aware of.

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Passion / Bellisimaj starts blogging again

Passion/Bellisimaj blames her blogging relapse on a libel lawsuit she's the defendant in, but she promises that it's "her stalkers" that will pay in the long run. I can't believe 3 of her stalkers (and Passion has many) have the nerve to sue her. It seems as if Passion can't even name them.

Why I Stopped Blogging in July

I stopped blogging in July because my stalkers became very quiet. They deleted their del.icio.us accounts, and seemed to have decided to end the war, at least for the most part. I was thrilled. At last I could focus on other things. Or so I thought.

I was served with an injunction in August or September. The stalkers, or three of them, are suing me for libel. I should really post a laughing smiley here, because the idea that these people who have chased me across the net for 13 months now, would actually have the nerve to sue ME for libel is terribly ironic and funny in a distorted and sick way. What's even funnier is the idea that they actually seem to have forgotten all the horrible, unconscionable things they have done to myself and others. They must think that when Ross put the bashing threads down in the members-only forum, that their behavior was no longer on public view, and therefore didn't exist. They must think that all of the documentation that I have gathered is not viable proof of who did what and when and first. Unbelievable, and really dumb.

I stopped responding to them, or posting about them, after I received the injunction, up until very recently. More on this later. My nerves are shattered, and I need to get some sleep.


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