Wagglepop’s Ray Romeo and Andrew Pittino Separated at birth?

It seems like the Wagglepop is in its death throws. Andrew Pittino has recently blamed the non-paying sellers for not making Wagglepop a success. Ray Romeo himself blamed sellers for not supporting Wagglepop 1.

“Andrew” also claims that Wagglepop has had $150,000 in expenses, and about $45,000 in “outright debt”. Ray Romeo himself suggested that Wagglepop 1 was worth $45,000, at least that’s what the bidding for his first failure was going to start at.

These are Andrew’s recent remarks about “changes” to Wagglepop, even creating polls, asking sellers if they’d like to keep prices the same and remove features, or raise prices and keep the features. He seemed disgusted that people wouldn’t support a fee increase.

Hit the jump for “Andrew’s” announcement and posts. I got that information from a poster on Tuliptools.com

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