Wagglepop gets 6 months to live

{mosimage}Ray Romeo must be some kind of drama queen. With Wagglepop limping along with just over 100 sellers for a length of time, I don’t recall Ray ever dropping a hint of pulling the plug. Now with 280 sellers paying $10 a month for a $500 auction script, “management” has told him (I mean Andrew Pittino) that WP has 6 months to get its act together, or severe changes may have to be made, which may include (GASP!) higher prices for sellers.

This sounds like a lot of rhetoric right before a big email spam campaign begins. They’ve already started it on the blogs and forums. If you read any of that kool aid drinking crap, you’ll find both positive and negative stories. The negative stories provide facts. The positive stories provide… stories.

“The Great Big Wagglepop Thread” on Tulip Tools has Andrew/Ray’s latest “6 month plan” edict, as well as some restless seller replies. See Ray/Andrew “defend” ownership’s decisions to do whatever he/they want!


If we are to become (or more rightly, stay) a smaller speciality site, then we will work to become the very best one there is, but if we are to even consider being something bigger than that, the online selling community has just six months left under ownership support to show that before large changes would need to be considered in earnest.

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Wagglepop Hides a Promise to Not Share/Sell Your Personal Information

{mosimage}More weird stuff for Wagglepop and its owner, Ray Romeo (aka Andrew Pittino)…

Wagglepop.ocm has a page enouraging any visitor (registered on Wagglepop or not) to spam their friends into visiting the site. Here it is…


Nothing wrong with the page itself, other than the blatant free spamming Ray is asking his sellers to go through, rather than spend time actually trying to sell anything on his site.

Anyway, if you take a look at the source of the page, you’ll see that this text is commented out from view. Text that was originally on the page, and then removed, for what reason, I wonder? It seems like Ray doesn’t want to give anybody any false hope that their email address or other personal information would be safe from third parties. Remember, this text was REMOVED from the original page.

Note: We never sell access to our data to marketers, credit collectors, or others that would send your email we believe you would not want to receive. All     data provided to us by users is treated with great care. It is never sold or distributed or provided to any commercial enterprise without your specific permission. Please     read our terms of use for more information.

Why would Ray take the time to include that text on the page, and then have his mooks comment it out? You be the judge.

Hit the jump to see the entire HTML TD tag that was removed, if you’re curious. I wouldn’t be surprised if that commented text is removed by the time you read it, so if you see it, take a screen shot like I did.

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Andrew Pittino calls new Wagglepop seller “idiot”, threatens to collect on unpaid bill

{mosimage}Andrew Pittino, Ray Romeo’s alter ego, has recently come unglued on a new seller to Wagglepop, pulled in to sell on the site due to recommendations from friends, and eBay’s new price hikes.

Unfortuneately, this seller saw Ray’s real management style.

Hit the jump to read the entire correspondence, but in a short summary, the following things happened.
1) Seller joins the “revolution”, with a hearty thanks and welcome from Wagglepop

2) Seller establishes a store on Wagglepop, and gets a hearty thanks and welcome email.

3) Seller finds out that PayPal is a requirement for a Wagglepop store, and gets frustrated trying to add bank account information in the PayPal setup

4) Seller sends a message to customer support for help and explanation about the PayPal setup.

5) Wagglepop support person “Chris” reitierates that PayPal is a requirement, and tells seller to call PayPal Support with his problem.

6) Seller responds by asking “Chris” to “kindly cancel my membership”, explaining that he doesn’t like PayPal nor its new terms of service.

7) “Chris” responds with “Problem” “You _must_ have a paypal store”, and reminds the seller that he has an outstanding fee, and that he won’t close the store until that fee is settled.

8) Seller naturally gets upset, and reiterates to Chris that he had all intentions of setting up a store, but that he has had problems setting up a PayPal account, and now refuses to create one, asking again
to have his Wagglepop account closed.

9) “Andrew Pittino” then shows up, commenting on the seller’s “reading comprehension”, AGAIN reiterating that PayPal is a requirement to sell on Wagglepop.com, and reminding the seller of his outstanding fee, and that Ray (I mean Andrew) can charge up to $75.00 a month in collection fees. He then flames out by calling the seller “an idiot eBay is trying to get rid of”, and for some reason, wishes him luck on Bidville. He then makes inferences in the email that he has copied his legal department, that “IP tracking is ON”, and logs the account as “delinquent”.

10) Seller responds by providing “Andrew” the facts of the email exchange, calling his “collections” scare for $9.95 “extortion”, and suggests that “Andrew” brush up on his business law.

Folks, this is what Ray Romeo is all about. You’d think he’d be happy to bend over backwards to the new sellers getting fooled into joining his site, but this is exactly the same thing that happened when the first Wagglepop failed.

Sometime soon, Ray will again start blaming sellers, bidders, competitiors, and imaginary people that send him “turds” in the mail for his failures.

If you have a similar story to this, send it to me via the “Contact Us” link on the right side of the page.

At least the good news for Ray is that recently started listing things in his eBay store again!

Click “Read More” to see the email exchange….
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