Ray Romeo (Andrew Pittino) claims Wagglepop Tried to Buy Bidville!

{mosimage}Oh, this is funny stuff, TOO funny.

A while ago, Ubid.com bought out Bidville, for no apparent reason, and now Ubid.com has decided to close down the consumer to consumer auction site.

Now, Ray Romeo (going by the name of Andrew Pittino) of Wagglepop.com  states to his sellers with no bidders that he had offered to buy Bidville, but the price was just way too high! Wagglepop sellers actually BELIEVE that the closure of Bidville will bring more sellers to Wagglepop, and Ray is shooting rainbows out of his ass!

Bwabhwhabhwhbhahbhwah.. LIES!

Bidville has always been of great interest here as we aspired as companies to similar markets. The shuttling of Bidville entirely is a curious decision overall to us.

While we recognize the parent company (UBid) as seeking to support more of a business-to-consumer model rather than a comsumer-to-consumer model, the valuation they have assigned to Bidville seems designed primarily to ensure the closure of it.

We saw their announcement as a possible opportunity for action, but our own valuation of Bidville and the estimated purchase price range given to us by Bidville upon our inquiry are wildly disparate.

Our hope now is that the many Bidville members looking for alternatives find us here at Wagglepop to buy, sell, and continue or make new friendships and relationships.

This is from the same guy that said he spent $45,000 in advertising, with nothng to show for it. This is the guy that claims that Wagglepop’s operating loss is over $320,000. WOW! Just as with the first Wagglepop, Ray increases the amount of BS when he’s realized his site has failed. A FOR SALE should appear before October.

This information was gleaned from TulipTools.com:

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Ray Romeo of Wagglepop Goes Bat Shit Crazy!

{mosimage}Determined to burn Wagglepop to the ground, Andrew Pittino (aka owner Ray Romeo) throws out his knee jerk reaction to give his auction site 6 months to lose sellers, and he immediately moves up the date for changes to June 1st, promising to give his remaining sellers “a few surprises”. During the time, the site has been down for over 4 hours in the last week due to some configuration problem with Ray’s DNS servers.

Those surprise(s) include removal of final value fees, which most sellers at WP weren’t incurring anyway. The “other” big surprises were that Ray was tripling the monthly fee for a WP store, and he plans to include Wagglepop’s own dropship items on the Wagglepop site to inflate the number of products being offered there, probably competing with sellers that sell the same items! These changes were to happen in October, but it seems Ray got too greedy, and moved the changes up 5 months.

It also seems Ray/Andrew has determined to do what he can to get the most money out of his sellers quickly, and then attempt to sell the site as he did with Wagglepop 1, claiming that Wagglepop 2 has burned through over $300,000. He’s been really busy lately deleting negative posts from Wagglepop.com from his sellers, and suggests they go to other boards to complain.

Not surprisingly, Wagglepop sellers are pissed, even the kool aid drinking faithful are starting to teeter on their loyalty. Ray/Andrew, naturally, blames stupid sellers that can’t see his vison.

Most of this information (and a few blogs are listed in these links too) can be found on TulipTools.com and PowerSellersUnite.com. Hit the jump for the offical announcement from Ray Romeo.

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