Ray Romeo Pulls the Plug on Wagglepop 2.0

waggleAs expected, Andrew Pittino (really Ray Romeo) is shutting down Wagglepop 2.0 after tripling fees to sellers a month ago.

Of course, Ray doesn’t put this information in the announcements area, which hasn’t been updated since December 2008, he only includes it in the sellers’, or more appropriately, “listers'”, forum.

Although he still blames everyone but himself for the site’s dismal performance, the best part is that he wants to sell Wagglepop.com for $40,000 (or it could be $80,000 if you apply Romeo math). Wagglepop 1 didn’t even get out of beta, and he wanted $45,000 for that. Somebody needs to tell Ray that the dot com bubble burst almost 10 years ago.

Somebody else might have to explain to me how if a group is stupid enough to buy the domain wagglepop.com for $15,000, how Ray can keep “the LLC and the current trademarked logo”. Although Ray claims there’s a trademark on “wagglepop”, a simple search of the USPTO site tells anybody that there really isn’t. Another fabrication by Ray, I mean, Andrew.

Instead, if there isn’t a buyer,  Ray will simply replace the “revolutionary” Wagglepop with stock Amazon marketplace templates and widgets, which already exist as a lame and atrocious add-on in wagglepop’s search system.

This is the official “announcement”.

Notice that even Andrew’s alter ego Ray Romeo can’t even make the announcement, it has to be the “customer care” director. Why would that be? Because only ONE PERSON owns the Rscript license and hosting account, Ray Romeo!

Hit the jump for the text of the official announcement, and the terms of “sale”.

So long Ray, hopefully it won’t be a year before you spam everybody again with your revolutionary, social-network based, new site, Wagglepop 3.0.

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Vendio Employee Accuses Me of Stalking Her


Score one for the good guys.

Crystal Wells Miller of Vendio.com, and previously of Andale.com, Honesty.com, and Otwa.com, accused me of stalking her in a thread on the thehowcafe.com, describing a new Vendio banner on thehowcafe.com.

As you see in the link below, Crystal’s comment that I “have been stalking [me] for years on these boards” has been removed by The HOW moderators, but no apology appeared from Vendio, nor Crystal. Her post also included information about how long and hard she had tried to keep me from stalking her, but I guess the mods removed that portion also. This is the same Crystal that has a “lawyer on retainer” just for me, and had once threatened to sue myself, the guy that owned my house at one time, my ISP, and IIRC, probably my dog.

The thread was created by Crystal on 3/31, I made a comment that Auctiva.com offers the same free store, and a whole lot more, than what Vendio provides (4/16), and then I answered a question by SweetGalDecals about why Vendio offers FREE STORE, but it requires a credit card and payment to post to their support board.

The post that was edited by the moderators at The HOW was #28 in this thread. After Crystal posted it, I reported the post to moderators, and created my own response saying that “personal attacks will not be allowed at The HOW”.


I don’t even know if Crystal knows her post was edited, and mine removed because there’s no note of that in the post. I don’t know why my post regarding personal attacks was removed, as it was just a restatement of The HOW’s board rules, but I’d be willing to bet a cake that Crystal whined about it.

Goofy Crystal, I can’t believe she’s still at Vendio after all these years of proclaiming that she’d never work there.

Click the jump for the contents of the thread, in case Crystal comes after me and mine again.

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