Beef Curtans at Stir Concert Cove 7/17/09

93-BeefCurtans-with_dogDamn, the link is down at the moment, but I think Ken Guthrie Byproducts is responsible for this site:

The Beef Curtans were a popular alternative band in Omaha in the early to mid-90’s, and probably one of my first non-paying gigs with a “celebrity” band, bwahahwahah.

They had released only 1 album, actually a cassette called Brethren, but I had a couple of other recordings, including a live concert from the Lime Light in Sioux Falls, SD. They also released a cassette ScareyHead, but I think they spelled it Scarry Head, which was just a cassette of some live recordings and maybe a demo or two.

Pieces of Beef Curtans eventually went on to become parts of Echo Farm and FreeDirt, if my memory serves.

Brethren “tracks”

01 – Smell
02 – I Don’t Know
03 – Hole in My Pocket
04 – Higher Light
05 – Slatch
06 – Jesus
07 – Get a Little Closer
08 – Knowledge
09 – All Three Sides
10 – Why Must I
11 – New Orleans
12 – Evaline
13 – Chortlau

Live tracks I have in MP3 format, and assuming the song titles are correct.

Gotta Explain
Don’t Be Long With Us
(instrumental, I don’t think I ever knew the name of this song)
Pre-Knowledge – (not the correct name, I think this was just King Dick and Your Uncle Lank Badly on a four track)
Any Way You Want (Demo)
Black and Gold (Live)
Domestic Violence
Doubtful (Hook in the Front) (I think this is one of the few recordings I have with Clint F*ckworth on drums)
Gotta Explain (Live)
Larger Than Life
Love is a 4 Letter Word (Demo)
Month of Sundaes (Live from the Limelight)
Sassy(Live from the Limelight)
Scarey Head (Live from the Limelight)
White Trash (Live from the Limelight)

More at:


Matt Perrault owns Blue Jay Cafe

matt_perrault_popped_collarAccording to a recent twitter post. Matt Perrault made a statement that
the “new” Blue Jay Cafe was now his site.

Of course, Matt also doesn’t know what Follow Friday means as a twitter
user either, so maybe he’s just blowing smoke. I’ve sent a message to
the original owner of the Blue Jay Cafe, Freddie, to find out if Matt
bought the site, or as I suspect, he’s blowin’ smoke.

Matt moved the Blue Jay Cafe to the Rivals message board format, and
started charging people $10 a month to read his articles and participate
in the private forum on the Rivals message boards. Time will tell if
it’s a smart move or not, I suspect that it won’t. Matt got canned in
Omaha in March, and moved to Des Moines to join Ken Miller’s show. I
don’t know how he’s going to find the time to contribute to the new
bluejaycafe. He can’t even get his links working on his blog to promote
his radio show.

Matt Perrault tried message forums in Omaha on BigSports590. Both
attempts failed, and an exasperated Matt even admitted that
administering message boards were not his forte’ on teh internets. He
seems to rule with a pretty big iron hand. Some people questioned why he
was able to promote his show (which isn’t Creighton based), but he
didn’t allow anybody else to promote their Creighton blogs or articles.
Silly Matt!

I offered to start a new Creighton Blue Jay message board, but it was
quickly shot down by Matt, with him trying to insult me by telling me to
“stick to Todd and Tyler”. This coming from the guy that said “No
Manning will ever win the Super Bowl, not Archie, not Eli, and not
Peyton”, and bragged about how he didn’t need to use a “crutch” like a
co-partner on a radio show for people to listen to him.

So anyway, if there are some Creighton fans willing to join this
venture, at no cost to yourselves, please get in contact with me. I
already have some domain names registered, such as,,, and And
Freddie, let me know if you want, and can, make a change.


Well, I’m trying to get rid of that lame Mambo CMS that hasn’t been updated in over a year, and I’m slowly replacing it with WordPress.

The good news is that all the content has been converted, the bad news is that I haven’t been able to find a good way to rewrite the “old” URLs to the “new” URL’s via an .htaccess file, so that’s still a work in progress.

I still need to edit a few things from the Mambo articles, but I’m farther along than I thought I’d be.

I’m starting the new blog software off right with an old image reference to SneakyDave web hosting days. Jealous? I’m sure.