Matt Perrault Misremembers Again

"Best Birthday Present Evah!"Our hero recently created a blog post proclaiming in detail his top quarterbacks of all time. As you’ll see in this blog entry (read it before he edits it), he lists Tom (If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’) Brady behind Joe Montana, and also lists Joe Montana as his #1 quarterback of all time.

Now, I’m not sure why Matt made this blog entry, but he must seem to think his opinions are of great importance in “teh internets”.

But wait! Back in 2007, On the Big Sports 590am station in Omaha, Matt had a discussion about the greatest quarterbacks of all time with Travis Justice, and proclaimed:
“I know that I’m a Patriot fan, but I’m also RIGHT! Tom Brady is a better quarterback than Joe Montana.”

Which would seem to me that Tom Brady is actually Matt’s #1 quarterback. Which version is true? Does anybody care? Most people don’t, and most people that know Matt are aware of his shock topics to get listeners, depending on his whims of the day, and the current ratings. It seems to be a daily ritual whereby our hero will update his predictions on certain games during the week. He’ll make a Superbowl prediction at the beginning of the football season, and if it doesn’t seem like it’ll pan out, he’ll declare that the Saints will win, one day before the Superbowl, and proclaim himself a genius when it comes true!

Many people remember this “Brady is the greatest!” quote by Matt on the Matt and Travis show in Omaha. Everybody could almost somehow see through the airwaves the eyerolls that Travis must have been throwing around after Matt put his stamp of approval on it.

On a similar note, Matt seems to be upset that the quote system has been taken offline, which was his original DEMAND to me. MCGOUGH LAW! MCGOUGH LAW!

One, or perhaps both, of these reasons explains why Matt is pissed about the attempt to sell a domain named for $99
1) He thinks that the name is worth more than $99
2) He can’t come up with $99.

I won’t even get into his pathetic attempts to bring up Jade McCarthy on his New Year’s blog entry, when previously he promised that he would shut down all discussions about her everywhere.

“Thanks for the 7 pages of pub!”, you’re welcome, Matt!