Matt Perrault gets his way again

"Best Birthday Present Evah!"The CycloneFanatic message boards are teeming with life about Iowa State Cyclone threads, and until recently, a Matt Perrault thread.

A member there by the userid of jmb started a Matt Perrault discussion pointing to a blog post here on There was some discussion about it, some hated it, some liked it, but it seemed like a civil discussion to me.  Here was my one entry, wishing Matt good luck at KXNO

To clarify my blog entry about Matt “I never lie” Perrault….
I don’t hate Matt, I like to point out his disingenuous comments. He’s a human contradiction. It started while he was in Omaha when I was trying to buy the BlueJayCafe, and keep it from becoming a paid rivals site. I’ve golfed with Matt, he’s a good golfer, but needy, popped collar and all.
That said, he can fly off the handle with listeners, tell them they are on crack, call them stupid, convince management they are wrong, etc. Maybe he doesn’t do that in Iowa between talking about the Red Sox, Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, Gregg Marshall, or Gator Football, but we in Omaha have all heard it.
It appears he works hard at his job, although he seems to be frequently uninformed, and blames his lack of fact checking on “not being a journalist”.
I personally hope he enjoys a long and illustrious career with KXNO. Good luck!

Then a few days later, Matt shows up, apparently in a fit of rage… Continue reading “Matt Perrault gets his way again”