More Disingenuous Comments from Matt Perrault

"Best Birthday Present Evah!"It may be no surprise to anybody, but the part time AM radio co-host with a blog has been acting up again lately.

Haverhill40 – “@sportstalkmatt Do you have an imposter on twitter? Another Matt Perrault is following me.” link

sportstalkmatt –  “@Haverhill40 It’s the same dude who bought and is now trying to sell it if you can believe that. Total loser in my book”. link

Haverhill40 – “@sportstalkmatt Who would want to be you?? I kid, I kid. Kinda creepy if you ask me though. Does it feel good that people want to be you??” link

sportstalkmatt – “@Haverhill40 Yeah, the guy is a creap stalker of me. Pretends to be me.” link

Matt knows succinctly that I don’t operate the mattperrault twitter account. I’ve told him that. I’m not a big twitter fan, but I know who’s operating it, or at least who created it. And they’re treading on thin ice mocking Matt. I suspect Twitter will eventually dump that account, at least that’s what Matt has been telling people. Why mock Matt when his own words do the mocking?

Also, this is the second time Matt Perrault has posted that I’m a stalker. Those are some pretty big words to own up to, even if they are misspelled. I won’t comment any more on his ludicrous statements until I check up on some documentation.

From the CycloneFanatic Message board, right before Matt forced the operator to close a thread dedicated to him…
” Well, I’ve been just a touch busy boys and girls here in Oklahoma City. Haven’t been on here for a while but I’m glad to see that my stalker showed up. I mean, the guy did have a T-shirt made with my face on it…bought the WEBSITE ….did a blog post about quotes and twitters in which he made up some, misquoted quoted others, and took out of context many”

Another fib from that paragraph, I was GIFTED a shirt with “I (HEART) Matt Perrault” on it for my birthday, I didn’t create it. I haven’t made up any of Matt’s quotes, nor misquoted him, and never took any out of context. Why would I go to the trouble of that? He must think that I’m the only guy that pokes fun at him.

All I’ve ever done to Matt is throw his words back in his face, and he obviously can’t stand it. is still reasonably priced for anybody named Matt Perrault, or not named Matt Perrault.