Creating a daily SMS timer in App Inventor for Android

This article details how to create a timer in Google’s App Inventor that sends a text message to a recipient on a daily basis at a predetermined time. This app can then be packaged and downloaded to your Android based phone.

First, you’ll need to apply for App Inventor. This article assumes you’ve got App Inventor installed, and have set up your computer and Android phone.

First, let me say that although this app is functional, App Inventor won’t let you package the application into a distributable APK file, or provide it as a download through the Android Market. That being said, it’s a good learning tool about the App Inventor Blocks Editor. Also, I use Google Voice for most of my text messaging, but this app will use the native texting app for your phone, not Google Voice.

I’ve named this app on my phone DailyMessage, as it’s a simple clock based timer that sends a text message every day at a time hard coded in the block executable code. Of course, this app isn’t very useful if you want to change the time the SMS is sent, but that’s a later article. This app needs to run continuously to check the clock, so make sure to set your phone’s task killer to ignore this app if you want to use it religiously.

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Matt Perrault Refuses to Acknowledge Manning’s 2 Super Bowl Appearances

Matt Perrault Shirt

Already a big Peyton Manning hater and Tom Brady man crusher, Matt Perrault refuses to believe that Peyton Manning could be better than Tom Brady, even though ex-Patriot Rodney Harrison believes Manning is the better of the two.

Perrault, from his Twitter account, got enraged after Harrison spoke of his opinion, comparing the Super Bowl appearances between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, but he left out one of Manning’s appearances.

In Matt’s “logical” summation, Ben Roethlisberger (2 SB wins) and Kurt Warner (1 SB win, 2 losses)  are better QB’s than Peyton Manning.

A part-time Des Moines AM radio talk show co-host should be a little more knowledgeable in my opinion, even if he doesn’t call himself a journalist.

“Did Rodney just saw Manning was better than BRADY!!! DUDE – watch yourself! 3 rings … 4 SB app. to 1!!”

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