Matt Perrault not “fired” from KXNO, just “nudged” according to competitor

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UPDATE 2/25: Matt confirms his move from KXNO to WGAM. No response as to which statements from Marty Tirrell were lies: Next Step For My Career

“nudged” meaning, his contract wasn’t renewed….

Marty Tirrell of the Des Moines Radio Station “The Champ” started a fire on 2/22 that he couldn’t put out.

He claimed that Matt Perrault would announce that he was leaving competing station KXNO, to move to radio station in New Hampshire.

During a live chat last night on, Marty had an impromptu chat with fans and detractors regarding his statement. Matt Perrault has called Marty Tirrell a liar for the statements he’s made, and is excited to see Tirrell in St. Louis.

I feel really, really bad for @martytirrell Guy is so desperate is pathetic. Lying about someone you are jealous of is so sad.

Sucks when you get run out of so many towns that you have resort to making up lies about people half your age that you know R better than u

Marty claims that Matt “Got his old job at WGAM, Nashua, NH“, but Matt seems to only respond to questions about whether he “got fired” from KXNO. No word from Matt about what Marty is, or has been, lying about.

Speculation heated up on the message board, including the observation that Perrault normally shows up within an hour of someone mentioning his name to respond to rumors about him,  or members critical of his show(s), but he hadn’t appeared all day.

Following is a recent transcript of the MouthOfTheMidwest chat area while Marty Tirrell was having an open chat with users. This chat is unedited, but formatted to display properly. The most recent comments are first. “marty” is presumably Marty Tirrell.


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