Using the PECL bbcode extension

UPDATE: If you are using PHP 5.4, and get an error installing the pear bbcode module, try installing “bbcode-1.0.3b1” rather than “bbcode”. See this thread for more information:


If you have a site that allows users to create their own content, you’re going to need bbcodes(aka “Bulletin Board Codes”) to make your and their life easier.

bbcodes, or html shortcuts, are the tags people use in their content, instead of standard HTML tags, that are used to markup some text, such as bolding a paragraph, creating a link, etc. Everybody’s seen them, [u] for underlining, [b] for bold, etc.

I created a rudimentary bbcode system for my projects, but it didn’t handle nested bbcodes very well, and due to my lack of regular expression expertise, the function was quite a hog on processing large amounts of content.
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SneakIt Forums Launched!

If you’re familar with eBay’s unique chat system for it’s members, then you’re probably recognize SneakIt Forums.

SneakIt Forums has finally been launched, 10 years in the making. First as the “CODE RED” chat system, then SneakBay, then morphing into “DOLL CHAT!” A small private beta of the Poor Man’s Message Board (PMMB) was released and abandoned, and now SneakIt Forums goes back to its roots.

SneakIt Forums focuses on less clutter, more speed, and the most basic message board functions included (although more features than eBay’s!).

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