Despite all attempts, the Omaha World Herald refuses to be “green”

A familiar site in my drive way.

UPDATE: 4/15/2014 Started getting this driveway spam again. OWH claims that they aren’t the ones dropping it off, but will be sure to “update their records” yet again to remove me.

UPDATE: After about 6 weeks of not getting the Food Express spammed on my driveway, as of Feb 1, 2012, somebody at the OWH thought I needed to receive this waste of paper again. I’ve called to complain, and I’m told that I’m still on the “Never Deliver” list, so they don’t have any explanations for it. One time, the OWH explained to me that a neighbor was probably delivering the paper to my driveway, but every time I’ve seen one in my driveway, all the neighbors around me get it also. When I talk to them, they’d rather not see the paper either, but don’t know how to stop it.

UPDATE: As of December 15th, I’m still getting weekly driveway spam, although I’ve been “guaranteed” that they won’t be delivered. “You’ve been marked as ‘Never Deliver’ sir, I don’t know what to tell you”. I’ve found out that the “Never Deliver” really means “Don’t deliver for 6 months”. They automatically put you back on the circulation list “in case you move, and a new resident is at your address”. Sounds to me like a ploy to keep ciculation numbers artificially high for advertisers.


Maybe this problem is inherent to all dying newspapers.

I haven’t subscribed to the Omaha World Herald for probably 20 years, yet for the last 8 years, they seem to think that I would enjoy their free advertising crapola (“Food Express”?) dropped off in my driveway. Today will be the 10th time I call to have them stop this practice. Not only is this practice not very “green” by wasting paper I have no interest in, it could theoretically give notice to potential burglars that I’m away from the house for an extended period of time.

Like I said, it shouldn’t take 10 calls (and probably more) to to the World Herald circulation department to stop this practice. I believe they actually think that dropping their advertising off in my driveway will entice me to get a daily subscription, or at least a Sunday paper subscription. I even tried to figure out how much a Sunday paper is, because I heard rumors that it was upwards of $2.00, but the “Subcribe Now!” page on only says the Sunday subscription is $8.89. That price could be daily, monthly, bi-weekly, who knows!?

I’m starting to collect all of them, and then plan to return them to the “park” that was once “World Herald Square”. If you haven’t seen it, it’s the block where they tore down the original World Herald headquarters to buy the Northwestern Bell building, but they left the corner of the building intact in the park for no apparent reason.

Anyway, I’m not alone in my problem with getting this newspaper problem stopped. I’ve heard from 2 other non-subscribers to the Omaha World Herald that are frustrated by this newspaper spam. To get it resolved put the circulation department’s phone number on your speed dial, 402-346-3363. You’ll be calling it every 6 months or so.