Crappy old forums replaced with pretty new ones

I’ve removed the old Simple Machines forum software that I had here with a XenForo variety. I didn’t convert the old “AuctionCrotch” forums to the new forum system, just to try to wipe the slate clean from all that crapola, but I still have it archived.

I had the forum on for a while with ads, and tried some advertising as a “general discussion” forum, but those are so hard to get successful, so I moved teh concept to as a personal forum with no ads, but the same basic principals and concepts.

I haven’t install the facebook-like chat system set (ArrowChat), if there’s a need, I’ll install it, but it is a hog on resources.

What makes it different? Not a whole lot. I’ve admined, moderated, and/or hosted different discussion boards for over 10 years. I like the Xenforo software, and it helps keep my skills a little fresher than just playing Skyrim all day! Some of the things that are a little different are:

  • Minimal forums. I like it, can’t stress that enough.
  • Better software. vBulletin has pooped the bed, and Xenforo brings a lot of functionality in its core package. Plus, it’s better in the search engine arena, the user interface, and performance.
  • I’m a pretty lenient guy with basic rules that I’m consistent with. I think I’m a fair board admin. I’m too old to fly off the handle on stupid stuff anymore.

The policy privacy and terms were copied from what I came up with for OAUA, so they may be updated to be a little more liberal.

Privacy Policy: